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Why You Should Make Your Own Blog

People often associate blogs with websites that act like a “digital diary” for a person that wants to share their thoughts. In many cases that is true but a blog can also be an immense asset in your business. That is why you should start today to make your own blog.

Why would you make your own blog? How can it be of an importance to your online business? The thing is that online businesses thrive on traffic. It’s all about traffic. You might have an incredible product or an offer that is going to change people’s lives but it’s not going to sell if nobody is going to your website. Google loves blogs. As soon as you new blog is life you are going to get indexed by the search engines an start receiving visitors to your page. Some of them are going to like your stuff, become subscribers and even customers later on.

You are also helping people. Like I ┬áhave mentioned before ┬áthe reason you should be in business is to help others and give value to them. If you are only “in it” for the money people will soon call you out and it can be really hard to recover from that. Be genuine and honest and people will like you, listen to you and trust you and thus buy from you. People don’t buy stuff from people they don’t trust. Would you? When you help people they will become grateful and thank you. They will respond to you and that creates communications on your website. You want that. Your blog should be a platform for people to exchange comments. When new visitors arrive they will see this interactivity and realize that your site is alive and they will associate that with you being an authority on the subject.

Blogging also improves your writing skills. With time you will write better copy and become a better storyteller. Being able to tell stories is an enormous power because people love them. Big successful marketers use stories to hook people in before showing them an offer they can’t refuse. Copywriting is a skill most people ignore because they are afraid of it. That is why you should improve it. So you can become more skillful than all the others.

Blogging also helps you to get to know yourself better. To be able to attract people to your blog and connect with them you will have to open up and tell them who you really are. It can maybe be a challenge for some. I would say that I’m an introvert myself. I’ve never been very open or outgoing and certainly didn’t want people to know what I was thinking. But guess what? Nothing happens in your comfort zone. I decided to change. I wanted to get the ball rolling. Tell people who you are and they will love you for it. Sure there will be 1% of people that won’t like your stuff but that is to be expected. You are unique, your story is unique and that is what counts.

I could talk about plenty more reasons connected to “self improvement” why you should start a blog but I’m going to end this article on the most important reason why you should make your own blog. Your blog will serve as the core platform of your business that ties all the bits and pieces together. Let’s say you have a Facebook page, a YouTube Channel, Instagram, Pinterest that you use to generate traffic and communicate with people. The problem with social media is that they are owned by companies. You don’t own your YouTube channel for example. YouTube does. They could shut it down in an instance. Your blog on the other hand is yours and no other. Nobody can take that away from you. So you want to use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and all the other social media to funnel visitors into your blog were you can have them subscribe to your email list to follow up with them later.

I really hope that I have shown you a bit about the importance of why a blog is important for your online business and why you should start one as soon as possible. If you have any questions about creating a blog then hit me up. I’m also going to be doing a video tutorial on how to set up a WordPress blog.

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom