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Why Online Marketing: My Trip to The U.S., Mexico and Canada

Why online marketing? In my opinion your “why” is one of the foundations of your potential success in this industry.

I have had my up’s and down’s in my online marketing career and there are moment when I think this is all just a waste of time when I’m not seeing the growth I want. Let’s face it. Online marketing (or internet marketing) is not easy and requires some hard work if you want to see results. Most of us want the laptop lifestyle but very few break through to the other side were gold and honey awaits. Why is it that so few people really make it in this business – when literally all you need is a computer and some basic tech knowledge?

The thing is that it requires some resources to obtain the laptop beach lifestyle. You either have to produce some quality content (time) or use paid alternatives (money) to get your message out. Both of these methods can cause you stress and headache as these or most of the time limited resources. Many of us have 9-5 jobs and thus have some money but maybe not a lot of time. If you don’t have a job you probably have a lot of time but not enough money to invest. Either way you choose to go it’s a good idea to have your end goal defined. To know exactly why you are doing this.

I’m not always in the mood to put in the work like writing blog posts or shooting a Youtube video. But my end goal motivates me. But sometimes I just feel fed up with everything and need a break. I haven’t escaped the ratrace still and writing blog post and doing videos on top of having a job can get overwhelming. That’s when it can be a good idea to take a trip somewhere and just do something completely different.

Me and my girlfriend we went to New York for 3 days before heading out to Mexico for 6 nights and finally ending the trip in Canada for one night. It was kind of a birthday trip for me as I turned 40 in January. Jeebus. New York was quite chilly as I was told as it was already April 20th but not so very warm. However we were basically melting in Mexico. Oh the humidity! I think I never experienced so much heat. We saw so many things on this trip. I went to see Lion King on Broadway, Empire State building, MOMA, Soho, Chinatown, Times Square, Staten Island and the Statue of Liberty. In Mexico we went to the beach, had a boat trip on a lagoon and took 3 trips to Cenotes (these small lagoons formed from meteors long time ago). In the evenings we relaxed with drinks on sofas in a lounge covered with a thatched roof while you could hear rain and thunder in the distance. At that time I was instantly remined of why I wanted to become a successful online marketer. It was because of this exact moment. I would like to experience more of these moments. Not just once a year. Or every three years.

This moment inspired me to write this blogpost and to tell you my “why’s” and hopefully inspire you also.

The 5 most important reasons I want to create my own online brand are as follows:

  1. I want to secure my financial future
  2. I want to travel more
  3. I want to be able to help my familiy and friends
  4. I want time freedom
  5. I want location freedom

If you are starting out on your online journey write down perhaps 5 most important reasons why you would want to become an online marketer. You will hear more people mention this and it’s because it will become a driving force on the path you will take.