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Why It’s Important To Not Give Up Even Though The Outlook Is Not Good.

One of the sure ways of having success online is to be consistent in your efforts of producing content even when things look hopeless.

As I may have told you guys before, I started a new job in March 2017 after having made a failed attempt at going full-time publishing Kindle books. It went off quite good and after about 4 months I was making around $700 in passive income just be doing that. However the problem was that I was trying to keep a budget and couldn’t afford to invest in the creation of high-quality books and thus the majority of them failed to rank high enough in Amazon to hit my target at the time which was $2,000 a month that was the minimum for me to be able to pay my bills and just survive. It was also very stressing to know that I was solely responsible for my success and my salary and it really effected my work. Even though it was exciting and fun most of the time there was always a voice in the back of my head that was whispering: “Hafsteinn if this fails…you are have no safety net to catch you…you MUST succeed”.

Well, the thing is this voice somehow got stronger by the week and finally when I saw my sales decrease each month I took it as sign that this business was just nonsense and that I was just not cut out for marketing online. I was also feeling quite exhausted as it was a very repetitive and time-consuming work to both produce my books and promoting them so that they would rank higher. I was feeling drained knowing that I was working hard each day but still my results were not increasing. That can be really hard to except and you start to feel like you want to throw in the towel.

I was almost out of funds when I saw an ad in a newspaper that said that a graphic designer was needed. I applied and decided to just have fun and made a video of myself talking about how I could fit the job. To my surprise I was chosen out of dozens of applicants. What I did was to put my Kindle business on hold for a while. I can’t say I had given totally up on it because I knew this business made money and it wasn’t very complicated in it’s core. Today it’s about 6 months since I left it but since then I have noticed something interesting. My Kindle books continued to bring in around $100 a month (sometimes more) even though I did ZERO work. Actually the last three months it has been going up a little bit. September I sold 61 ebook, October 2017 it was up to 66 and November I sold 69 copies of my ebooks. December is looking to be around 75-80.

This made me think. I had created a business that was generating passive income on COMPLETE autopilot. It wasn’t much – but still – it was more than what 99% of people trying online make. What if I could somehow work a little bit on my business to have it grow faster without spending as much time and energy as I did. I am now working full-time as a designer and I have less time now than I had. But I have more funds. So began thinking about how I could have some of my money work for me to grow my Kindle business again without having to spend as much time as before.

I started to look for way to remove myself from my Kindle business. If the business was making some money each month on autopilot – with low-quality books – how would it be if I had someone work on it each month with more quality books? Surely I would see more income. So I went to and looked for an online course teaching how to outsource and I found a free one actually that tought how to find good workers in the Philippines. After spending three days watching it and taking notes I went for it and hired a very skilled writer that doesn’t cost nearly as much as a writer from one of the Western Countries.

I calculated that with his production I could probably have my business pay for his salary in only a few months. At that time my production of Kindle books would be sustainable and the best part I would have new better quality ebooks coming out that would potentially sell better than my old ones. The only thing I need to spend time on now is on promotion and publishing of my books. There have also been changes to Twitter that allows double more words in each Tweet cutting my time of tweeting in half. My Facebook promotion is more optimized. In short my creation and promotion of Kindle books is now more quality, less-time consuming and more optimized. It costs me a bit more than before but it has the possibility to grow without me stressing about bills each month and the headache of spending all my free time on it.

Learn to delegate in your business. Work ON your business but not IN your business.

When my Kindle income succeeds the salary of my writer I will start to look at hiring a Virtual Assistant to do the promoting and some other work in my business further reducing the time I need to spend on it.

I’m glad that I didn’t completely give up on my efforts to make money with Kindle. Sometimes you just have to believe that in the end you can make it. When things look hopeless – that’s when you need to keep going. Find a way to optimize your business. There are always options. Having to get a job again was not my dream – but it opened up for other options – like outsourcing. Be open to adjust to changes and know that even though certain doors close then it doesn’t mean that all doors are closed.

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