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Why I Switched From GetResponse To The Aweber Autoresponder

This article may help someone who is considering which Email Autoresponder service to choose from. I’ve been using an autoresponder since February 2015 so it’s going to be 2 years soon and I wanted to share my experience so far and explain why I switched to the Aweber autoresponder.

After doing some research in the beginning of 2015, for my new online business I was starting, I had narrowed it down to two choices. Aweber and GetResponse. I had fooled around testing out Mailchimp doing a school project some years ago but never to any extent of using it in a real business. The reason I ruled Mailchimp out was that my research showed that not alot of “serious internet marketers” around me were using Mailchimp. That said it’s still an excellent service and has some great capabilities but clearly the Aweber autoresponder and GR were a step in front when it came to features, customer service and open rates.

At that time I had heard about GetResponse due to the fact that I had seen their logo in some of the mails I got sent to my inbox occasionally through my lifetime and I guess it’s true – some things just glue themselves in the back of your mind hibernating silently until one day you want your own autoresponder and your mind goes “Ah yeah that one”. But I had never heard about Aweber even though they are and have been considered the most established and the autoresponder of choice for pro marketers out there. That said I’ve probably have gotten many emails from people that are using Aweber but usually there is not the “Aweber logo” at the bottom like usually in GetResponse.

So after comparing the two back in the days, pricing, features and customer service I decided to go with GetResponse. For me at the time it seemed like the most save bet was GR and I also really liked their User Interface being a graphic designer myself. The experience with GetResponse has been great. Let’s make it clear that it’s an excellent company and it’s a great autoresponder. First of all their customer service is one of the best I’ve had. I’m the kind of person that uses email and live chats because I’m not keen on dialing numbers and having to look up from my computer. Sure there are headsets and everything but I just like having to just focus on my computer screen. Also it really does help to be able to have a transcript of your communication. So when I have had questions or have run into trouble I have used their live chat. In the first months I would occasionally be number 4-5 in queue but most often nr.1 and I would usually not have to wait a long time. But recently I noticed that their service was getting better and I was never above 1-2 in the queue. Most often my problem would be solven in 5-10 minutes from it coming to my notice. So good job GetResponse on the customer service.

After using GR for about 18 months and I can clearly say that I had become and avid user if not a pro user with becoming comfortable with almost all of the features of the autoresponder and knowing the in’s and out’s of it all. I remember how scary of a software an autoresponder seemed to me at the time (that coming from someone using programs like Photoshop for years) but today I am quite comfortable with it.

So why did I switch now?

All this time I have been looking towards the Aweber autoresponder. Call it what you like. Maybe the grass is greener on the other side? I have periodically been eye-balling Aweber on YouTube and also I started noticing that most other marketers in my field seemed suddenly all of them using Aweber as I noticed that I wasn’t seeing as many posts with the GR logo at the bottom. I was constantly subscribing to new newsletters (as you want to be spying on what other marketers are doing, how they write their emails and of course sometimes I would like to get some value and heck even offers) so I have a broad scope of what is going on around me. Ok this is not maybe a highly scientific data but to me it was a clear indication. Also I have always wondered that GR is maybe a little more “mainstream” while Aweber is maybe a little bit more for badass IM’ers. Just my opinion.

That was just one reason.

Another one was that I had read about Aweber having the best open rates in the business. I had read online that some people were not satisfied with the openrates with GetResponse and made the switch over to the Aweber autoresponder and actually said that their business took off after that. Now I don’t know the truth in that but hey don’t they say “if there is smoke there is fire”. When you are an internet marketer open rates clearly make a difference as email marketing is the core of your business and for me I only want the best tool out there. Which one that is, is for you to debate, but for me that is clearly Aweber.

I have been using Aweber now for only two weeks (I will update you after using it for a longer time) but immediatly I was impressed. First of all the user interface is maybe a little bit more stripped down than GR but it just somehow feels faster and lighter making everything happen in a snap. GR seems more “bloated” know and always had to do a little bit more “thinking” between pages. Not much but I can clearly feel the difference. “Lighter” is the word here. Somehow the steps seem more streamlined in Aweber autoresponder like setting up a follow-up or a broadcast. It’s just something that I noticed instantly and something that I always suspected after watching countless YouTube screencasts of people using the Aweber autoresponder. Though GR user interface is not bad at all it looks more “bloated” in comparison and more heavier. As a graphic designer I sure like nice graphics but I will go for optimization and speed any day over looks. The tools just have to work.

Those are the two main reasons why I wanted to give Aweber a try. Their pricing is a bit higher though with $19 a month for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited customers compared to GetResponse’s $15 a month for 1000 subscriber. You do however the the first month free on the Aweber autoresponder. There is no free first month with GetResponse. After you reach 500 subscribers with Aweber you have the choice of getting the 500-2500 subscribers for $29 a month compared to GetResponse’s 2500 subscribers for $25 a month. So Aweber is a little bit pricier than GetResponse but not that much that I was not willing to make the switch.

Conclusion: I made they switch because seeing more internet marketers around me using Aweber and reading about Aweber having better open rates. I realize this decision is 90% made by my emotion and “feel” more than hard core research but usually my gut instinct serves me well in these matters. Sure I did alot of digging and reading and this brought me the conclusion that I wanted to make the switch even though GetResponse is a great service but I know that there are alot of people happy with Aweber autoresponder and it was almost always the nr. 1 on the comparison lists I read online when I was readling “top ten autoresponder” articles.

I will make a new review after like 2 months of using it and let’s see if I’m still on the same opinion.

Click here to try out Aweber for free for one month.

Until then Hafsteinn Thordarson signing out.