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What is a Niche?

When starting out to become an online marketer and therefore making money online one of the things you have to decide early on is what niche you want to be in. A niche is simply a segment of the online market you are going to market to. So for example “Golfing” is a niche. “Make money online” is a niche. “Photography” is a niche. You get it. But how to choose your niche you might ask. Well that depends. One of the biggest mistakes people make when deciding to go into a niche is to first look at their interests or hobbies and trying to make money of that. That is the wrong way. The first step in finding your niche is to go and research online what markets (niches) are prosperous online and then choosing one that suits you.

I studied graphic design and when it came to me I did some research on how I could level that experience into online marketing. I could not pinpoint a certain niche in the “graphic design niche” but I did notice that Video Marketing was huge. Especially in the Internet Marketing / Make Money Online niche. Seems Video is what it’s all about when it comes to selling your stuff online and make money. So for me it was not a giant leap into the video marketing niche as it’s closely related to graphic design and I had done a lot of video editing in the past for my work.

No you don’t need to be the most qualified expert in a certain niche to be able to monitize it. People will listen to you if you just have more insight into the subject then they have. It’s easy to go online and study and research a certain matter. If you are really interested in a certain topic just go and study it and try to learn as much possible about it. 99% of people don’t do that and that’s why you can go and claim it.

People that are making money online are usually doing so by two methods: Selling their own products or with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is when companies pay you a commission for generating a sale for them. You can simply sign up as an affiliate and you get your special direct link to the offer. If people click on your link and decide to purchase the company pays you a percentage of that sale. Some even pay you 100%. But why would anybody pay you 100% of the profits? Because they are in many c ases getting the lifetime customer while you are just getting that one sale. Then the companies can market to them over and over again with say email marketing.

So either way you choose to sell your own product or go the affiliate route you have to be some kind of an “authority” in the people’s eyes for them to purchase from you. You have to get their trust for them to open the wallet and the only way to do that is to know your stuff. Heck, I never buy from someone I have never heard of, never seen a picture of and never given me any value. Would you?

If you plan on an online business start by choosing your niche. Go to places like,, and take a look at the product that are selling. Of course this just some examples. There are heeps of options.

For example. Golfing is a niche. But it’s very broad. Actually so broad that it’s kind of saturated, There are big companies that dominate these mainstream niches like, Weight Loss, Health and Fitness, Cookbooks and more. The ting is you have to NICHE DOWN.

By that I mean you want to find your special little target market that is way smaller and not as saturated and that big companies maybe are not so interested in. For example, instead of “Golf” you could go into the “Golfing for left handed”. “How to improve your swing if you are left handed”. These are highly targeted niches but big enough to make money from.

Let’s say that you have decided to choose these niches you could go and make a 4 video training course on “How to improve your golf swing when youre left handed in 2 weeks” or something like that – you get it.

You could even take videos of a golf pro and give him a slice of the cake – if you don’t trust yourself to do it. If you are not an expert you can interview an expert.

So I hope that concludes a little bit what a niche is.


What is a niche? It’s group of people that are active buyers online – like golfers – that you want to market to.

Try to “drill down” the niche. To a certain part of that niche that might have somekind of “problem” they want to solve.

Make a product that solves the problem.