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They Sprayed the Church! Why it’s important to be honest.

I just visited my old home town in North of Iceland with my girlfriend to be at the graduation of my daughter from elementary school.

While I was there I also had the chance of walking around town taking a look at the nice buildings and all the changes happening. I was eager to show my girlfriend the landmark building of the town -the church. It’s no Notre Dame but still an interesting building. We had to walk up some 150 steps and when we were finally up I was a little bit shocked.Midnight in Iceland

I had read about some guy spraying graffiti with satanic message all around the concrete building some weeks before.

But what surprised me even more was that even though there had been a lot of effort put in to wash it away the letter were still clearly visible. The coating on the building was done with small stones collected probably in a nearby shore to get a shimmering effect on the faces of the building.

While this has a nice effect – this is horrible when it comes to graffiti as the building is not painted – but just natural stone – you can’t paint over it! High pressure watering is the only way and still that doesn’t seem to work.

Why am I telling you this? Because it reminded me of how fragile things can be. Things we take for granted.

They may not stay the same always as both our own actions and actions of others can change things permanently for us.

The only thing we can do is try to do our very best and take life as it is what happens – happens – and we deal with it as we go along. Running an online business is no different than other businesses. You have to be honest, have integrity and look after your customers. Don’t try to sell them garbage or take the short route.

People will sooner or later spot you out. If they do it can permanently damage you business and your reputation. If your reputation is gone – so is business. That’s why I’m very careful of what I promote to my followers. I’m picky as I don’t want to associate my name with some bogus product.

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