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The Importance Of Taking Breaks And Reflecting On Your Progress

Last Friday I decided to out of town and not touch the computer. I find that it helps going away from the stress, taking breaks and reflecting on my progress.

That’s only half-true because it was my birthday and I had already planned this weekend a month ago to drive 400km with my girlfriend to the Freezing North of Iceland to meet my daughter for a lovely dinner and some time-out. It was a really welcome break because was feeling a little bit tired and drained after working hours and days on my business. Don’t get my wrong, I love it and that is the reason that sometimes I work weekends also. I am committed to this for sure but sometimes the brain says “stop” and wants me to just slip away and see new things.

Of course we all need our breaks and time off. The reason I’m working hard these days is so I don’t have to hopefully in the next years. But to work hard I need to have good sleep, the right nutrition and FRESH AIR. When I say fresh air I mean going outside to have walks. I feel that walking outside in the cold really clears my head and gives me better oversight on things I need to do and plan. It’s crazy how the environment and the nature can inspire you and give you new ideas just by walking and taking notice of your surroundings. Walking alone outside really helps me to motivate myself and to visualize things I want to achieve. I may see a cool car that I really like and I tell myself “wow I’m going to buy myself one like these when my business is really off to the stars”. Also when I’m traveling on the road it reminds me how important freedom is to me and to be able to travel when most others can’t because of their 9-5 work. Here is Iceland we don’t have much daylight during the high-winter so I really try to absorb as much as I can of it while it’s there.

Successful entrepreneurs all have a certain routine they follow. They make a plan and stick to it. But just like everyone else you should also plan to take breaks. Otherwise we may tend to “burn out”. So don’t be afraid to go out and be inspired. Sometimes it may feel like you are wasting your time but I have experienced so many times that I have had awesome ideas for my business just by taking a short walk because you are experiencing so much more outside in the world than just staring at your computer screen. It’s funny how your mind works but stepping away from something can really help you see things better and reflect on them when you just let go, relax and think about something completely different. You have this “a-ha” moments. Whenever I feel that I’m not up to something and my mind feels tired than I just take a short break, go outside and come back refreshed and ready to do the job fresh and clear. There is no point in working on your business if you are not focused. You are more likely to take bad decisions if you are not.

Work hard but also plan your breaks and time-off. Hope you have an awesome week!

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom

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