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The holy grail of internet marketing – Self liquidating offers.

If you are not building your own email list by now you are missing out.

Yes you have probably heard this before from someone. The reason? Because it’s insanely profitable. If done right. Some say that you only need a list of 1,000 raving fans to become a millionaire. And it’s probably true. A list of one thousand is not big actually and easier than you think to build one.

What you need is a high-converting “squeeze page” where people put in their email to see an offer or to discover a “secret” or something similar. The trick is to purchase traffic (targeted web visitors) to your squeeze page and make enough front end sales (where people go to after they put in their email) to cover the ad expense.

This is what is called a “self-liquidating offer”and it’s kind of like the holy grail of internet marketing. It’s converting enough “cold” traffic to subscribers and a percentage to
customers to cover your advertising costs. The thing is most people never buy something the first time they see it. They like to think things through and finally they just forget about it.

But if you have a highly targeted audience (people that are very open to offers like business opportunities) and a highly targeted offer to match them – then there is chance
to turn around 1-3 out of every 100 clicks purchased to customers. It doesn’t always happen but very often.

This way you can build your list very fast. Then you can follow up with the rest later to try to turn them also into buying. This is where you can make good profits. The icing on the cake is then to have big-ticket commissions to really rake in the dollars. That’s what we call a “back-end” of a business.

If you are interested in having your own back-end business then you need to check this out:

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