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The Cement Truck From Hell

Today I was driving back home from work minding my own business when I see this
cement truck getting closer to the intersection.

At my speed I was totally expecting him to come to a stop and wait while I passed by him.

But nooo.

He barely slowed down while he swung into my lane forcing me to slam the brakes to avoid an accident. I then let him know with my honk that I was not happy. I got the finger instead. Nice. Usually in the past I would let this get to me. But not anymore.


If you are going to do business online you are going to have people who love you and your stuff. You are going to do business with people that are slightly neutral. Then you will have haters. Every successful business people I know of online have them. Just like in daily traffic. The majority follows the rule and are mindful of others.

Then you have people that just don’t care. If I was going to last more than one week in my online business I had to elevate myself above the negative comments and the hate. Just like I do when somebody cuts me off and sends me the finger. Because I don’t mind the 1% haters when the other 99% are perfectly happy doing business with me.

I know that if I plan on staying neutral all my life, not selling my products or services, never going out of my comfort zone – then yeah – then probably I can go through life without stirring the water. But I don’t want that for me – and you shouldn’t either.

So start saying your opinions. Don’t be afraid of taking sides. It speeds up the process for people deciding if they like your or not. If you feel like nothing is working, everybody is against you
and you have no control

I’m going to say to you this:

Stop being afraid of success

Your online pal,

Hafsteinn Thordarson /

Hafsteinn Thordarson is an online marketer sharing his progress as he goes along to motivate and help others wanting the same thing.


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