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Books: How I Raised Myself From Failure To Success In Selling

Making money online means selling. If your goal is to switch over to the laptop lifestyle and make money on the internet you will have to start making some changes to your life and get some alternative education. That also means reading books.

I can’t say I have been an avid reader of books in my life compared to maybe many people though I do take the time now and then. Somehow my reading has been more focused on newspapers, magazines and on the internet.  I would say that i’m more of a reader of facts than fiction. If I would have to choose a favorite topic I think it would be the history of mankind. I think it beats most fiction. though I admit that I enjoy to read books by Stephen King occasionally.

I became fascinated with financial documentaries some years ago and it’s still one of my favorite genres of movies to watch. Call me weird. But I think it’s a good way to learn, to get insights into whats happening in our current life and also the fact that it doesn’t feel like I’m wasting two hours of my existence that I won’t get back. I want to feel entertained but also educated. Edutainment. Good example of a movie like that would be “The Big Short” that I watched recently and highly recommend. As inspiring people can be it’s also mindblowing how we are sometimes able to get things wrong. Of course it’s more of a movie than a documentary but even so I enjoy this kind of entertainment and it’s on the point when it comes to the truth. Besides that I there are also tons of documentaries on YouTube that I watch when I have time.

Things tend to change and now I’m reading more books and primarily those that are focused on self-improvement and motivation and somehow connected to success in business. It’s so encouraging reading about people that broke through from seemingly impossible situations to become winners in life. People maybe with no special educational background. These kind of books often incorporate so much optimism, give so much insight and value and produce somewhat of a good feeling reading them that I have become hooked.

The purpose of this post was to share with you one of those books that I’m almost done reading and that I got interested in after a person recommended it to me. It’s called How I raised myself from failure to success in selling by Frank Bettger.

It’s somewhat of a business classic and was endorsed by Dale Carnegie. I didn’t know it existed few weeks ago. But then again that’s the fun part. To discover gems on your road to success. The book is supposed to be a help to those that are in the game of selling and let’s face it you will need to sell if you are going to make money online. In some way or the other.

It’s written by Frank Bettger about how he turned around things from being an unsuccessful insurance salesmen to being one of the highest-paid salesmen in America. He goes in detail about how he wanted to change all aspects of his life and what action he took, what principles he developed and the style he developed to become a winning salesmen.

He goes very thoroughly into his personal experience of dealing with the importance of enthusiasm, overcoming your fear, being confident, winning over confidence of others and rules for closing a sale.

Even though this book is more than 60 years I think it remains sound and a must-read for every person that wants to improve in selling. Of course details like dollar value and gender-equality have changed but the basic principles in this business have not changed.  For me the most important part of the book has been his how he tackled clients with his communication skills. Highly recommended.

This book must be on your read-list. Get it on Amazon here.

Hafsteinn Thordarson