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Step Into The Office of Next Step Freedom

Hey there Hafsteinn here hope you are having an awesome day. I decided to make a short video for fun just to let you peek a little bit into my office and see how I work.Even Though I do most of my work sitting with my laptop I also like to switch to my TV when doing some video editing and other stuff that requires workspace.

At this point I’m currently creating a membership site that I’m going to be selling access to so I have my iPad there for testing purposes for a different user and also to see how it looks on mobile.

I do occasionall shoot videos with my GOPRO and then I usually use my TASCAM  DR-22WL for the sound as my GOPRO does not have the capability to be taken out of the plastic casing and the sound is usually not good straight from the camera.

My TV is 4K and also the Lenovo Y50 which is pretty neat. It has a quad core i7 with 16gb RAM, 512GB SSD hard drive and a 4GB NVIDIA graphics card. It has run pretty smoothly since I bought it on Amazon the summer of 2014 and is great for video editing.

When hooking it up to my TV it can be a little overkill as the resolution is just incredible and Windows 10 does look cool with all that space. That said I don’t often do it as I don’t need that much space usually but still it’s good to have the option.

I have a Razer Taipas mouse that I hook up to my laptop as I don’t like using touchpads.

The software I use the most is Adobe Photoshop for graphics, Adobe Premiere for video editing, Adobe AfterEffects (if I want to do something really cool) Adobe Audition for sound, Filezilla for FTP transfers, WordPress for webpages (I also program some sites myself with Bootstrap) Sublime Text 3 for coding, Google Chrome, Freemaker Video Converter for video converting, Google Drive for backups, 1Password for my, you guessed it, passwords and also Powerpoint for presentations.

Watch the video to learn more: