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What is a Solo Ad And Why Should You Invest In One?

What is a solo ad and why should you consider trying it out? A Solo Ad is a great online traffic method to capture leads and prospects.

You may have heard about a solo ad before if you know a little bit about online marketing. I wanted share a little bit about my experience with solo ads as it could help you decide if it’s something that you would be able to implement into your online business. Like I have mentioned before, an online business in just like any other business, money has to be exchanged for products or services.

Instead of a storefront we have webpages. And like with regular stores we have to get customers into it for them to potentially buy. Some of them like what you have to offer some of them don’t. Just like with store visitors we have to get prospects or “leads” on to our webpage in hope that some of them will turn into customers. Both online and offline businesses do email marketing as it’s one of the most lucrative ways to collect leads and turn them into customer later on buy sending them emails for a certain period of time. This can be a very effective way if your business has some traffic to it’s webpage. Then it’s possible to “bribe” visitors into handing over their email instead of receiving something for free that is of value to them. Most often this bribe is a free ebook, a free video course or a pdf report maybe. Something that can really help them and makes it too good not to hand over their email. Then it’s possible to send them emails (with an autoresponder) everyday from that timepoint with more value where you build relationship with your new prospect and eventually send them offers. If done right then a percentage will buy from you because thei have gotten to know you and/or your business.

But what if you don’t have traffic to your website / blog, don’t have an email list and don’t have time to build up traffic to your blog? How can you collect leads? Well there are paid options available to get leads quickly and one of them is Solo Ads. A Solo Ad, or a Solo Blast like it’s sometimes referred to, is basically an email blast you purchase to someone else’s email list. You simple buy access to other people’s lists and grow your own list by buying into someone else’s.

Let’s say you have a landing page where you are offering a free ebook on “How to make money online” in exchange for the visitor handing over their email address. What you can then do is to go to sites like were there are hundreds of vendors (sellers) that are selling clicks from their email list. What they do is that they guarantee for example 100 clicks for 50 cent a click. These persons have huge email lists and most of them are in BizOpp niches, Make Money Online and MLM. What you can then do is to order anywhere from 100 clicks to the thousands to your landing page. Now these clicks are lazer-targeted because they have shown interest in these niches before and the owners know their lists. So these are not just some random people. Most of them offer tier 1 countries which means that they wiill guarantee that all of the solo ad traffic will come from countries like USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. These are countries where credit cards are most used online and have the most active buyers which means more sales. You have to pay a little ore if you want 100% tier 1 but if not then it’s usually around 80-85%.

What is really good with Udimi is that it offers text messaging to the vendor directly, you can see testimonials they have and how many sales their lists are producing on average (really important). No point in getting their leads if nobody is converting into sales. We are in this to make money right? I bought my first solo ads some months ago because I never really focused on this traffic method but what I can say now that this method works if done correctly.  You just have to have the right offer, good converting landing page and find a good vendor. Finding a solo ad vendor is not that hard when you have the testimonials and FB Groups like this one. I would advice you to test out a few. Buy 100-300 clicks to begin with to see how the vendors email lists are responding to your offer. When you find one that is getting you leads and sales then you want to scale that up fast.

There are other sites that offer solo ads but so far I have used Udimi and I’m happy with my results. I’m currently running traffic to a specific offer I have and the optin-rate is 70% at the moment which is insane! Note that these are not typical results as everything above 30% is considered good and over 40% is considered very good. I running traffic to a high-converting proven funnel that has taken years of perfecting so that is why I am able to get these high optin-rate and also the fact that the traffic is very targeted. Consider though that not all vendors are good so take your time in testing them out, reading testimonials and not spend all of your ad budget on the same vendor. Start slowly, get to know your grips around this and if you get the hang of it then this could be a very effective way of getting leads into your business.

Best of luck to you.

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom

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