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Why Social Media Jobs are the HOTTEST Trend Right Now

Since was introduced to the Clickbank mid 2012, it has taken the marketplace by storm! Within the first 6 weeks it was in the top 4 spots of the entire ‘Employment And Jobs’ category and a gravity of over 170.

Social media jobs are really hot right now and has the BEST product in the market and the most profitable, well supported affiliate program.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you are losing money if you are not promoting Paid Social Media Jobs:
  • Customers LOVE it! – Getting paid to do simple jobs on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter is just too hard to resist.
  • 75% commission – On all sales and up-sells you generate.
  • $47 Front End Sale + Up-sells – Means you can earn $100+ per sale!
  • Geo targeting on sales pages – International traffic does INSANELY.
  • Awesome email followup sequence – If they don’t join the first time, we’ll try to get them to join a 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc so you still make money!
  • Your Clickbank ID in follow-up emails – This ensures you get credit even if they clear their cookies or change computers.
  • All sales through Clickbank – So you know you have 60 day cookies, and rock solid tracking to make sure you always get paid!
  • Tons of affiliate tools – Banners, email swypes, ppc ads, pop-under ads, review pages, affiliate videos, solo ads, we have it all! Plus if there is anything else you want just let us know and we will have it custom made for you for free.
  • Awesome free affiliate training – Covering everything from setting up your Clickbank to how to drive masses of traffic – completely free for affiliates

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