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Should You Fake It Until You Make It?

You have probably heard this saying before: “Fake it until you make it”. People’s opinions seem to be on both sides of the fence about this one though.

How many times have you heard people saying this? Fake it until you make it? What does it mean exactly? Is it unethical? I have been thinking a little bit about this statement and if it’s something I would advice other people to to.

I remember that my mentor said that you should NOT fake it until you made it. He was not a fan of it I remember and it was his opinion that honesty should be one of the most important part of any business. People would sooner or later find out if they were being played. I couldn’t agree more. If you are hones and really want to help other then I think it’s a solid method of building a business. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Selling products or services that are providing solutions to people’s problems? Of course. I think you should always be honest, don’t lie and don’t scam people. You could have short-term “success” but you will soon find yourself in a dark alley.

You should not fake anything when it comes to making promises to other people or claiming something that is not true. Never. I think it’s not good to through some stuff out there that you can be called out on later. That can really hurt your business. So why do it?

Though I agree with my mentor I just do so to a certain point because even though you should be honest and ethical in your business I do believe that you have to fake your own mindset. Yes you heard me. I believe that telling yourself that you are successful and already imagining yourself having success then eventually you will be at that point in your life.

I have heard so many stories about people who said: “I always knew and felt that I would become successful one day. I would just act like I was already there.” Now there are two ways to do this. You can go online and flash in every Facebook group fake income proofs and pictures of expensive cars to try to get people to trust you and thinking that you are successful. That is the wrong way. That is unethical.

What you want to do is that even though you haven’t had success then just start acting like you are. I remember reading “How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling” by Frank Bettger. He says: “Even though you don’t feel enthusiastic about things – start acting like you are enthusiastic. You will become enthusiastic if you always act like it.” I think personally Frank is right. If you keep acting and telling yourself that you are enthusiastic I think you will become so. Same with success or making money online. If you are consistently telling the universe that you are going to achieve things I really do think that you will get whatever you want.

If you do however act like and think like an underachiever then that is what you are going to get in life. Could it be that the reason for the 1% is doing better than the 99% of the population is that the 1% believes in big dreams and go for them? I think so. I don’t think they were all born into prosperity or riches. I just think that most people don’t believe that they are entitled to their dream life. For them it will always because they were to afraid of what could happen.

Even though you are not making money online or you are not having the success you want to – start thinking that you are. Enthusiasm and optimism is something that can make you unstoppable in life. If you start to act like great things are always around the corner then they will start happening to you. Try it.

So start faking it – but to yourself – not other people 🙂

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom