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Progress Report July 2017

Next Step Freedom Blog Progress Report July 2017

One of the things I strongly believe in if you are building your business or working on a specific goal of some sort is to track your progress. It can be really easy to fall off track and become discouraged when you are not seeing the results you want and you feel like you are not moving forward. That’s why I think it’s important to track the stats because many times people are actually moving forward faster than they think.

I’ve been getting a little bit of traction for the last couple of months and in July I have been noticing considerable growth compared to the month before. In the video you can see me in the dashboard of my Google Analytics account. There you can see that my unique visitors went up nearly 114% since June from 36 to 77. My total sessions went from 43 to 87 which is an increase of 102.33% and my pageviews went up 86.6% from 112 to 209.

These numbers are maybe not something to brag about but for me they are very exciting. If I would not be tracking my progress then I would run the risk of not experiencing any growth and finding my blog kind of dead as it seems it’s not getting a lot of viewers in these 7 months. Although I admit that the growth could be happening faster then it’s pretty obvious it is taking place. That’s why I think it’s so important to track your progress and Google Analytics is an excellent free tool that allows you to see exactly what is happening month-on-month or whatever custom time period you wish.

Let’s take an example. Let’s say my blog grows at the same rate for the next 12 months. The numbers would look like this:

June 2017 unique visitors: 36

July 2017 unique visitors: 77

August 2017 unique visitors: 164

September 2017 unique visitors: 349

October 2017 unique visitors: 744

November 2017 unique visitors: 1585

December 2017 unique visitors: 3376

January 2018 unique visitors: 7190

February 2018 unique visitors: 15316

Mars 2018 unique visitors: 32623

April 2018 unique visitors: 69487

May 2018 unique visitors: 148008

June 2018 unique visitors: 315258

This is highly possible even though I will probably not experience it at this exact rate but why not? You have to believe that it can. If you stay consistent and don’t quit I think anything is possible. Creating more and more content will rank my blog better in the search engines and with more YouTube videos I will get more organic traffic from them.

I also had significant increase in capturing leads on my blog completely by free from people that gave me their emails in exchange for my free ebook. I had 110 people opt in for my free ebook in July compared to 45 people signing up for my book in June. That’s an increase of about 144%.

So my goal for August is to double my traffic again and thus generating 150 unique visitors and 400 pageviews. Let’s see if I will hit that goal. What do you think? Let me know in the comments!


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