Membership siite

What Is A Membership Site And Why Should You Consider To Build One?

In this post I want to talk a little bit about membership sites and why I think it’s extremely important to have one in your online business. What is a membership site? A membership site is simply a restricted area in your business that allows people entrance through a “gate” that they most often have…

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Lost in london

When I Got Lost In London As A Kid

This is the story of when I got lost downtown London as a kid and what it taught me. This experience has been on my mind now in the last days even though there are many years since it happened. As I’m constantly becoming more aware of that success in business and in life in general, has…

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Action Taker or Dabbler?

Are You An Action Taker or a Dabbler?

Sometimes the path can seem a little rough to success. I can remember when I thought every successful internet marketer was a scammer and the idea of making money online seemed to be just a big conspiracy of a group of people that really liked to send e-mails. I would buy into some programs and…

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Life Goal

Life Goal: What Is Your Ultimate Dream Life?

A life goal is something I think every person should have. Many of us just wander through life in an almost sleep-like state and never creating any real long-term goals. The average person lives 27,375 days which means that if you are 25 today you have 18,250 days left. I remember when I was a teenager it…

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Podcast power

I Just Started My Own Podcast

I finally decided to start my own Podcast which I had been thinking about doing for a long time. For me Podcasting has had little to do with marketing and business but lately I have been digging for more info on Podcasts, statistics and testimonials and it seems like I have largely underestimated the power…

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How to deal with fear

How To Deal With Fear

Fear. Let’s admit it we all experience it at some time in both our personal life and business. But how to deal with fear? Let’s get one thing straight. All people have fears. It’s something that has helped us survive through the ages and made us evolve. Fear is one of the things that keep…

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iPro with Dean Holland Update

iPro Day #13. Progress Update.

Today is my 13th day of promoting iPro so I made a small progress update. Two weeks of investing in traffic and I finally hit profit today. Bought $180 in solo ad traffic and the return is $217.8. I made one sale in the first day which was a real good sign for me that…

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Progress in your life on all stages

Progress In Your Life On All Stages

We should always be making some kind of progress in life be it small or big. I think it’s our nature to grow as personally and also in our businesses. It’s my opinion that we are destined to grow and make progress no matter how small it is. Life is a journey and we should…

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Power of leverage

Leverage: Why It’s Absolutely Necessary For Success

Two years ago I finally had a breakthrough online  when I used the power of the leverage of a more experienced marketer than me to finally make a substantial income online. It was after investing in coaching, following a proven plan, working my butt off for 6 months and finally launching and selling my own…

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what is a solo ad?

What is a Solo Ad And Why Should You Invest In One?

What is a solo ad and why should you consider trying it out? A Solo Ad is a great online traffic method to capture leads and prospects. You may have heard about a solo ad before if you know a little bit about online marketing. I wanted share a little bit about my experience with…

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