How to make money on YouTube

How To Make Money On YouTube

If you are serious about building your online business then on thing you should consider learning is how to make money on YouTube. As you probably know there are many people on YouTube making quite an impressive amount of money for themselves making all kinds of videos for their followers. Everything from Make-Up tutorials to…

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Next Step Freedom Progress Report July 2017

Progress Report July 2017

Next Step Freedom Blog Progress Report July 2017 One of the things I strongly believe in if you are building your business or working on a specific goal of some sort is to track your progress. It can be really easy to fall off track and become discouraged when you are not seeing the results…

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Clickfunnes Review

ClickFunnels Review: Why I Quit My Subscription After Two Months

After two months of using ClickFunnels I decided to write a review about my experience using it. After having coded my own pages since 2011 and doing internet marketing since 2015 I decided to give “ready made” sales page creation software like OptimizePress a chance. Even though I consider it a great option for marketers…

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How I added 106 subscribers for free to my email list organically

How I Added 106 New Subscribers To My Email List Organically In 50 Days.

I’ve talked about “self-liquidating offers” before on my blog where you run paid traffic to acquire leads to your business and hopefully get front-end sales (or email-follow ups) to cover the cost of the leads. What is even better than that is to get leads or subscribers without having to put money on the table…

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3 Mistakes You Should Avoid Blogging

What I Have Learned From 6 Months of Blogging – 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Results after 6 months of blogging on We all like success stories don’t we? Yes we do because they reflect what is possible as most of them are from people just like you and me. I just wanted to share my results from my first 6 months of blogging. We see people all over…

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how to value your time

How To Value Your Time

Here is one thing you probably didn’t know about me. I am a father of a 16 year old girl. And she is the light of my life. So I am currently in the making of dinner when I just had one of these Brainflush…err…what you call it Brainstorm – brainwhatever – like a really good…

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pool philosophy

Pool Philosophy

A little Pool Philosophy If you are interested in having your own business then you need to check this out: Thank you, Hafsteinn Thordarson /  

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What is CPA marketing

What is CPA Marketing?

To generate income online it’s not always required to have people take up their credit cards. CPA mean usually “Cost per action” or “Cost per acquisition. Many advertisers and companies are willing to pay affiliates a small commission in return for generating the “lead” for them. A lead is simply a prospect or a potential…

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relocate to obtain freedom

Should You Re-locate in order to obtain freedom?

As I’m writing this I’m flying 36,000 feet over the Atlantic ocean on my way from a two week vacation in the oh so hot Spain with my girlfriend and teenage daughter and to a little chillier destination – Iceland – where I’m usually located. This was my 7th time visiting Spain and it never…

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How to grow and conquer any obstacle on your journey to success

How to grow and conquer any obstacle on your journey to success

I decided to make a post about how to overcome and conquer obstacles and problems on your way to reach whatever goal you set yourself. We all know how it is to be bombarded with information when learning new stuff or trying something different to what we are used to right? I was no different.…

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