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Why OptimizePress Is One Of My Online Marketing Tools

My goal is to help as many people as I can to start their online business and a new beginning for their lives. That is why I’m sharing my experiences, tools and goals with my subscribers. I wan’t to let you know of an awesome online marketing tool I have been using extensively for the last 18 months in my business and is called OptimizePress.

Even though I’ve had my own computer since 1992 ( a 386 computer to play Space Quest) and was one of the first persons to have a 28.8bps modem and later on a 56K, ISDN, ADSL and finally fiber back in 2005 (in Iceland) I never really go into web design until 2009. After graduating as a graphic designer my main focus was on print for a long time but finally I had to get out of my comfort zone and start doing some coding. Coding use to scare the living hell out of me ad for me it was dry and boring. Photoshop and coding are not the same.

I did realize though that times were changing as I was forced to create more and more things for the web in my work than I actually wanted. I was an artist not a coder. That was my police for some years. But soon I had to admit that I would probably become obsolete in a few years if I was going to swim upstream all my life and deny the evolution of things in technology.

So I started to teach myself HTML and CSS. I slowly learned one thing and then another and soon I saw how powerful this internet thing was. I became more and more interested in “interaction” and how you could communicate with other people in the world. This was much more fun than the stagnant news paper ads I was always designing. Webpages were alive! You could let people download, subscribe, comment and even buy stuff on your website. With time I immersed myself in web design and online marketing. This was it. I decided that coding would be fun. Compared to other programming languages HTML and CSS is quite simple and I found that it was something that I could manage even though i’m not a natural born coder. But just knowing basic HTML coding get’s you ahead of the crowd as many people are scared of it.

It did take some time however. I’ve spent quite a few hours learning, trying and applying. Today I’m comfortable with it and after I got to know Bootstrap things have become so much easier in execution and now I can program my own websites. But even so I still use WordPress. I’ll never quit using it as it’s just great for some purposes. Like a blog and also sales pages.

When I was creating my first products to sell online I wanted to created myself because I didn’t have big sums of cash to pay a designer. But I wasn’t sure of how to create a website with background cover photos, count-down timers, optins, buy buttons and pro graphics that would make the visitor want to buy the product. I knew some basic HTML but not enough to create a beautiful looking sales page. Belive me graphics and layouts do matter when you are selling a product. It’s about credibility. To make it short I didn’t trust myself to program a page like that from scratch.

Enter OptimizePress 2.0.

After some research online and some digging around in my mastermind Facebook group I decided to go with something called OptimizePress. It’s theme or a plugin that integrates perfectly into WordPress and is a drag-and-drop system to create marketing web pages, blogs or membership sites. Great for creating sales pages for products. It does take a short time to get into the settings but when it’s done it saves a bunch of time for you. If you can teach yourself WordPress you can learn OptimizePress. I’m actually using it for my blog at the moment as it has so many features that allow my to quickly throw up the things I need without any fiddling around with code. Like subscription to e-mail lists, buy buttons, videos, images etc etc.

It also comes with built-in landing pages, squeeze pages and membership pages. I’m in the middle of building a new video course and OptimizePress 2.0 will be running the site taking care of the members. The package I bought 18 months ago included licenses for 3 sites and I had one to spare so that was perfect. I’m not going to go into detail about the features as you can visit their website for more info.

It does cost $97 which may seem a little steep but considering that it comes with a 3 site license (that you own and operate) Real-Time Site Building, included over 30 templates, big element library, membership security add-on and 1 year of support & core updates I really think you are getting a bang-for-the-buck if you are not the kind that likes to HTML.

If you are starting out and are serious about your online business I would highly consider to have this product in your arsenal of online marketing tools.

Hafsteinn Thordarson
Founder, NextStepFreedom