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Online Marketing Tools – 3 Must Haves


Having the right online marketing tools is paramount if you want to take the leap and build a successful online business for yourself.

Let’s take a look at the 3 must have online marketing tools that I think you should seriously consider investing in as soon as possible.

“Can I not start my online business without spending money?”

This is a common question I get.

Yes in theory everything is possible. However, how long it will take you to see any real results – I can not say.

The only thing I can say is that you are going to see results quicker by investing in your business, yourself, knowledge and online marketing tools that can speed the process up.

Very selfdom people achieve any particular success if they look at investing as a bad thing.

They look at quick rich schemes, they google things like “how to make money without a website” and other similar things – because they don’t want to put the work in, they don’t want to learn new things and are just looking for ways to make a quick buck and not building a sustainable long-term business for themselves.

Don’t be that person – you will not regret it.

Investing in your business is never a bad decision. The absolute worst scenary is that you have spent some money, learned a great deal about how things work in this online business, acquired new skills and made yourself that much more qualified then the next person looking to strike gold online.

So let’s take a look at the first in line of the 3 must have internet marketing tools.

1. Web hosting

Online Marketing Tools
Bluehost has been one of my favourite.

The reason for I think so many people try to take the quick-route in “making money online” (and never see any results) is because they are afraid to tackle the technical things that can be involved in building their online businesses.

They shy away and tell themselves that they can’t do it – and thus – never really get anywhere.

They dabble with making money online only to give up after a few weeks or months when they realize they are doing the same thing as 99% of the ones that flirt with internet marketing and are unable to create their own unique voice in a crowd of dabblers.

What is going to raise you above probably 80% of people trying to make their first buck online is challenging yourself and take on a subject that you always felt was too hard for yourself.

A good bunch of people don’t feel comfortable about the idea of setting up and managing their own web space / hosting online and operating a FTP program to send and receive files to their remote web servers.

This is a great first step to take for beginners in my opinion.

It doesn’t need that much skillset in my opinion and is something I believe that most people can learn over a weekend if one is willing to sit down and watch a few YouTube videos along with going over the service provider’s tutorials.

Having your own remote webspace is going to open up a lot of opportunities for you in regards of having more control over your online business.

It will allow you to setup your own domains for example very quickly.

Having your own domain name is going to give you also more authority in the eyes of potential customers.

You wan’t to make money right?

Let’s say you are doing affiliate marketing and you have decided to create a campaign around selling a certain product on Clickbank and the name of the product was “Product-X”. Just an example.

What you could when do is to buy a domain name that would be somehow tied-in or connected to this product and then you could add – “review” in the name.

This way you would be able to get some organic search traffic from the search engines because some people would be searching for reviews on this certain product.

This of course is just one example of benefits of having your own web hosting.

There are countless others. You could setup multiple webpages quickly by yourself, take backups, create databases and much more.

It just gives you so much more control than having to rely on free services that are loaded with ads and don’t really work at all or have some kind of restraints that will limit your options.

As soon as you have learned operating your own web hosting you will have much more power and options in running an online business.

Let’s say that your dream is to run a successful blog and make a ton of money with affiliate marketing – then knowing how to manage webhosting is essential.

The service I recommend is Bluehost.

Even though I’m not using their service right know – it’s my number one recommendations right now.

The one I’m using now had some serious issues some months ago and that’s why I really don’t want to pitch them – but they have gotten their act together after that issue – so I’m giving them a chance.

But Bluehost was always reliable and with excellent customer service.

Check out their deal, they are offering a free domain name subscription, 1-Click WordPress install and 24/7 support.

2. Autoresponder

Online Marketing Tools
My choice when it comes to Autoresponder software.

No, not the one in your Outlook email program. This is a special email service.

It gives you the capability to collect emails (leads) through optin forms on your website.

Leads are important.


Because they are prospects that can turn into customers.

So let’s say you run a travel company. On your homepage you could give away something for free.

People like free stuff if you didn’t know.

It could be something like “10 Essential things to put in your backpack” or a travel guide on the “How to travel Asia on a budget”.

Something that is not expensive and doesn’t have a high-value – but still something that can help people.

Those interested will put their email in exchange for your free gift.

Online Marketing Tools
I give away on NexStepFreedom a report on how people can get traffic to their site for free.

What is then going to happen is that they will be automatically be added to an email list inside your autoresponder software.

What you can then have the software do is to send out a sequence of emails with your updates or offers once a week or every day for that matter.

This is how you automate your business.

Autoresponder software is essential for your online business and one of the must have online marketing tools.

It is a false belief that email marketing is dead.

Far from it.

Emails = Cash.

You want to start collecting leads into your business as soon as possible.

But which service should you choose.

I have used several but the one that I have stuck with and am really happy with is one of the oldest one in the industry.


They have been around since 1998 so they do know what they are doing when it comes to emails.

They have the best delivery rates of emails of the services that I have tried in my oppinion.

3. Web Page Builders

online marketing tools
Easily create beautiful optin pages like these with OptimizePress.

Ok, so running an online business does involve designing webpages at an early point. Page builders are one of the must have online marketing tools.

Yes, in theory you can use social media to start your business but every serious marketer knows that it’s paramount at some point to run (and preferably operate) your own webpages at some point.

Let’s take an example of the autoresponder software we just talked about.

We need that kind of software to capture leads into our business – so we can communicate with our visitors and hopefully turn them into customers and generate an income.

But where can you put the optin form code (where vistors put their name and email) that this software?

I would highly recommend putting that optin form on your own webpage.

Yes there are ways to put your optinform on social media like a Facebook page – but I really don’t recommend it.

Plus – you might wan’t to drive paid traffic to your optin form – and driving that traffic to Facebook page for example is going to hurt your conversions (the amount of people that give you your email).

I’ts much better to have your own webpage that you have full control over

Does that mean you have to know how to code?

No of course not.

The evolution of web page builders has been very fast the last years. Today you can have a webpage setup by yourself in minutes using only drag & drop.

I’m not talking about some simple WordPress blog – I’m talking squeeze pages with optin forms, sales pages with videos, buy buttons and more.

So forget tech-jargon like HTML or CSS!

You really don’t need to know any of that crap. Does it help. Sure, but it’s not something that is going to make or break your new business.

I spent a lot of time in the earlier days learning how to code my own pages and style them by doing things manually.

Today it’s just a waste of time.

It’s just so much more efficient today to use software that by-passes all that headache.

So even though I know how to code HTML I mostly don’t do it anymore.


Because of time. My time is important (and so is yours).

I’m willing to invest in a tool that gives me an opportunity to save time and get things done 10x faster instead of doings things manually and for free.

Believe me when I say it – it’s going to pay you back in the long-run.

There are a bunch of them out there like ClickFunnels (which I have tried), LeadPages (haven’t tried it) and OptimizePress (my current choice).

This is not a complete run-down of Web Page builders. There are many more but these are often named when it comes to the main ones.I encourage you to do your research, maybe even sign-up for a trial-period if they are available and you will see that though they offer similar solutions, they do have different features, benefits and also importantly – different payment plans.

I found out that OptimizePress was the perfect solutions for me when it came to features and budgeting my business.

Most online marketing tools services offer a monthly subscriptions and often they can be quite high.

OptimizePress offers a one-time payment alongside providing great abilities that are perfect for my business.

Ok, so I hope this helped. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions. Like I said, I have tried some of these page builders and I will happily answer any questions you have.

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