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Online Marketing on YouTube

If you are serious about building your online business then on thing you should consider learning is how to make money on YouTube.

As you probably know there are many people on YouTube making quite an impressive amount of money for themselves making all kinds of videos for their followers. Everything from Make-Up tutorials to people vlogging about their daily life. If you are unsure of what a vlog is – it’s just like a blog – except video.

It’s a fact that there are a lot of successful YouTube channels out there in the sense that they get maybe hundreds of thousands of views, perhaps millions and they have thousands of followers and subscribers. It’s also a fact that many of these channels are poorly monetized when it comes to making money on YouTube.

It seems many of the big names on YouTube are making (or were) the bulk of their income with the YouTube ads that you can easily turn on for all your videos once you become a verified YouTube partner. Nothing wrong with that and I highly recommend becoming one. You should always try to get the highest ROI on your content if you can.

Until recently the people that were having millions of views on YouTube were making a good income just from these ads alone as a certain number of people will always click on those ads (believe it or not) and when they have maybe several videos with more than a million they quickly start to generate a rather good sum of money for many of these YouTube hot-shots.

But as I said before, your business should never rely on only one income-stream and certainly never just solely on a specific platform owned by a company. The thing is that these big name YouTube stars are not very interested in marketing. They are interested in creating content for YouTube and that’s it. So I wasn’t very surprised when I read about these names complaining about their income dropping significantly some months ago when YouTube changed their advertising algorithm.

As many of them were getting millions of views and followers they were making enough to be able to live a good life and only having to worry about an idea for the next video for their fans. Just to not that some of these YouTubers are also getting free products for reviews, some of them have some kind of endorsements and contracts that make them some extra money but I know that a big portion of them only use the YouTube monetization option available.

You see just recently big names like AT&T and other major companies found out that some of their YouTube (Google) ads were being shown on YouTube channels that were believed to be pushing some racist & hated agenda and being associated with some rather dubious organisations. Something that they had no control over as the YouTube algorithm decides were those ads should be shown. Why it chose to use some of those channels as a spot to view ads for these companies I can’t say for sure. But what I do know is that they started right away to change things after these advertisers pulled the plug on their ad spending.

What happened is that YouTube got a lot more picky about the placements of ads and hence YouTubers started complaining about seeing drops in their income for shown ads on their channels. Hmm…..weird right? Social media today is like the weather. Constantly changing and you are in little control over things as in suddenly tomorrow nature decides to send a hurricane over your house. Little you can do about that. How you prepare for a storm however is totally up to you.

I went to YouTube and found one it’s biggest start PewDiePie just for the sake of this blogpost. I don’t follow him but I’m aware that he is a big name. In the picture you can see that he has almost 4 million views on this one video. Insane. Most marketers and online business owners would kill to have that kind of free traffic flowing into their business. I couldn’t even see that he monetized it with YouTube ads and most importantly he is not using the “description” option for anything else than for the captions used in the video. Rather pointless I would say. He could be sending some of these people to his blog or to an offer page where he sells something to his fans.

How to make money on YouTUbe
How to make money on YouTUbe

Example let’s say he puts in the description a link to webpage where he offers his fans some kind of product that costs $10. Could be anything. A t-shirt, a baseball cap or a signed autograph who knows.

Let’s say that only 5% of the viewers of the video clicked the link. That would make 195.000 clicks. Let’s say only 1% of those buy the actual offer. That’s 1950 customers. Multiply by $10 = $19.500. Not bad eh? But what if it was a $27 product and 2% bought (that’s being rather pessimistic though – 3-7% is more realistic actaully but for the sake of this example let’s be pessimists). His earnings would be 105.300 for only this video and a $27 product.

I see so many people with millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers and the only thing they use the description box for is a link to their Paypal donation page so they can upgrade their equipment so they can make better content for the channel! This is not How to make money on YouTube.

The problem for these people is that they don’t have their own products to sell to their audience. They are not focusing on solving a problem for a specific market. Many of them are just entertainers driven by views and the comments but fail to make any substantial income because they are more focused on entertaining and pleasing the audience instead of helping them to get what they want.

Most products and services have the purpose of solving some kind of problems or fulfilling the needs of the customer. Even if you don’t have your own product you can still do affiliate marketing. You sell a product for someone else and you make a commission.

If you are doing internet marketing then what I hope you are doing is focusing on helping other people. That is the best way to get money from them. Because people are driven by their desires and dreams and if you can help them to obtain them then you can make a lot of money. You business and content should be focused around that and you can use YouTube as ONE of the medium to get your message out. YouTube should be just one of your traffic lanes to your products or solutions you offer to their problems. That’s how to make money on YouTube. What most seasoned marketers do is to build a blog or a website as the core of their business and then they use social media to drive traffic to their blog were they build a relationship with visitors and then later on sell them their products.

So if you have been using YouTube only so far then you should think about expanding. Try to re-use your content on other mediums like a blog or a website. Find your target niche (whom you want to serve) and help them solve their problems. It’s way more money in that then putting all your trust on the YouTube monetization method for your videos. That should just be an extra bonus on top of your earnings.

A good example of how to make on Youtube the right way is to do product reviews. You can try out a products for a week let’s say and then you do a video about what you thought about it and name the video “product x review” or something like that. Then you can put your affiliate link in the description. When people are considering buying a product then what they do is to do a little bit of research online before buying. What works really well in the buying decisions is to read reviews and testimonials. A very effective way is there to put an affiliate link right beneath the video because the viewers are very targeted as they probably have searched for the keyword “product x review” as they are thinking about if they should buy it.

I sincerely hope that this blogpost sheds some light on how to make money on YouTube and you go some value from it.

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