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One Year of Kindle Publishing: What I Have Learned

In the beginning of March 2016 I started my Kindle publishing business and this post is a short reflection on the progress and the journey the last year.

Having done two product launches before I was looking for a new way to generate income online. Even though my products did fairly good it was a lot of work and required a rather hefty investment of time and energy. So when I came across the Kindle Money Mastery course of Stefan Pylarion that teaches how to do Kindle Publishing I knew that I had stumbled upon what I was looking for. Even though this is not a review of his course I can not write this post without mentioning it as it’s one of the best ways I know of for complete beginners online to start generating money. It’s a quality training video course were he goes step by step into how to start your Kindle business and making money fast.

It took my a couple of weeks to go through all the videos but it was rather enjoying as it’s so packed-full of value and information that I couldn’t wait to actually start making Kindle books. But even though I was getting very excited going through it – Stefan recommends to not skip anything and stay through to the end – which is the same as I want to recommend to you. It’s not a short course by far but if you stick with it then you will be more than ready to start generating income with Kindle books.

I actually saw income in the first month – about $10. Not much I know but the next one was $200. The month after that was about $400 and my best month was about $650 which was last summer. In this one year of Kindle publishing I made about $4000 as a side income and I would say somewhere around 90% of that is profit. The income has decreased since August 2016 as for a few reasons.

What I have learned in one year of Kindle publishing

Thins of your readers first – not yourself.

First of I didn’t invest enough in quality books and went for quantity rather than quality. You can make some quick buck for sure doing that but in the long-run you are going to see your income go down. If you plan on long-term success with Kindle publishing I would focus on creating quality books for your customers. Even if that means hiring a more expensive ghost-writer or spend more time and research creating your own books – than that’s what you should do.

Promote your books.

One thing that is taught in the course is the importance of promoting your books on social media and in directories and giving them away for free. I know it may sound harsh to give away your books for free but it actually helps with sales. Making your books available for free on Amazon helps boost the ranks of your books and pushes them further up and therefore in front of more visitors on Amazon’s website. That means for sales and more money. Don’t be afraid to put the on free promotion. As soon as I was slacking with my promotions I could instantly see connection with drops in sales. Just to keep in mind.

Build a backend with your books.

This is something that most people neglect in their Kindle publishing business. You should use your books to funnel people into your business. You should preferably build an email list with your books. How do you do that? Well what I did was to offer free bonus books when people bought one of my books. People love free stuff. To get the bonus books people had to subscribe their email address on an optin page. That way I made quite a big list of buyers. Just so you know – having your own email list of loyal followers and buyers – is one of the most profitable things there is. You books should be hooks for your business to acquire customers into your business where you sell them higher-priced products.

Making money online isn’t hard

What my first year of Kindle Publishing has taught me the most is that making money online doesn’t need to be hard. It doesn’t have to involve some very technical stuff or hardcore marketing. It’s just about following a course or a plan that has proven to work and not give up. Follow the instructions to the letter and you will make money. Compared to my first product launch where I made my first money about 5 months in – it only took about 3-4 weeks until seeing my first dollar with Kindle publishing. It’s actually the easiest method today that I know of to start generating income online fast. What I recommend to you is to not make 1 or 2 books but make 10 to start with. Of course your books should be of quality but having many of them will build your income faster. Many people spend a year writing one book and then pray that it will sell. Wrong. Get 10 people to write 10 books for you in one month. That way you have a way more chance of at least one of them to become a best-seller. Not all your books are going to be a hit – that’s why you want to make more than one to see what kind of books sell. Than adjust course and focus on books or niches that perform well.

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