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My Self Publishing Revolution Review

After doing Kindle publishing for over two years without having reached my desired goals I decided to invest in a new course My Self Publishing Revolution that teaches some alternative methods when it comes to making money with books.

In February 2016 I bought a course on Kindle publishing for a reasonable amount of money at the time that taught me most about self publishing that I new up to a point some months ago.

My best month using the methods taught in the course was around $800 in generated income. However with time I noticed that my books dropped in sales, mainly because I was not focusing enough on content quality in my books. In the summer of 2017 I finally got discouraged and dropped my Kindle Publishing business. However my books continued to sell each month for around $100 – $130 profit. That lead me to pick up the pace from where I left up. How could I leverage the fact that my books where in fact making money on complete autopilot to the point of making an income that would really make a difference for me?

Oddly enough I stumbled on a video with Luca DeStefani on YouTube explaining new tactics on how to leverage each book to maximize profits. Instead of only publishing your book on one medium like Amazon Kindle Store, it teaches you how you can easily (and affordably) move your book into two other mediums to triple your income streams.

I went from generating $120 dollars in December 2017 to $292 in March 2018 by only creating 2 new books!

Check the video for my thoughts on the course and why I invested in it.