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My Failed Product Launch And What I Learned From It.

My thoughts on my failed product launch last year.

In 2015 I threw in the towel and finally invested in coaching. Like so many other I had tried to make money online with some cheap course or program and never ever made a dime back. You can probably say that I was dabbling around not giving it my fullest but at some point I admitted to myself that it was not getting me any results. To make it short I got coaching and after some sweat and tears I finally finished creating my product.

What happens after the creation phase is that you have to market it. What I had been taught was to try to leverage somebody’s else’s name to boost your product launch as when you are a new in the market it’s more difficult to get exposure for your product. That’s exactly what I did and it worked.

When it came to my second product launch I decided to go it myself to see if I could repeat this doing everything on my own. I created the product, the marketing material and built my funnel and put it out for sale on JVZOO. I had slaved myself out for two months and I was hoping for it to be a success. It didn’t happen. It made 5 times less money than from the previous one. It was a huge disappointment to me and I didn’t want to tell anybody about it.

Today I look at it differently as I know that success is not just a straight upwards curve. I don’t look at mistakes and failures as something hugely negative. I look at it as learning new stuff. I then try to utilize this knowledge to my advantage. Quitting however would be a mistake that I would not want to do.

Watch the video to see what my thoughts are, what I think about this launch, what I learned from it and why I choose to not look at it as a failure.

If you want to see version 2 of my product (which was actually better) then check it out here

Hafsteinn Thordarson is an online marketer sharing his progress as he goes along to motivate and help others wanting the same thing.

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