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Money Making Mindset

Why is it a fact that many people struggle to make their first dollar online? What is the biggest problem that is facing them? People waste hours and hours in their inbox looking for the next “push-button program” that is going to promise them loads of cash in hours. What kind of a Money Making Mindset do you need to have?

The truth is that these systems almost never work for newbies and beginners. Because 99% of them require you to have an audience to speak to and when you are starting out you in most cases don’t have one yet. That is where we come to the core of the problem that is that most people that put in Google “How to make money online” are looking to solve their own problem (in this case shortage of money) instead of focusing on solving other people’s problems.

Many are desperate and need income really fast. Maybe they just lost their jobs and have to replace it fast. Some are exhausted from the 9-5 slavery and want to secure their financial future. They are bored to death spending a big portion of their life commuting to and from work. That is totally understandable. I think deep inside most people want to be able to work on their own time and not have to worry about money.

But to be able to switch from your regular job to the laptop lifestyle you have to put your brain in order and tune it into the needs of other. When I was working myself in my daybjob as a graphic designer – sure I was working on something I enjoyed doing – but I was always aware that I was not working for myself I was working for my boss. And that in fact I was always running the same circle and when I would hit the endmark I would get my paycheck. Then I would have to start all over again so for me I never felt like I was building anything for myself that was sustainable. I would get an X number in my paycheck and that was it and it was quite depressing to think about.

When I took the step to go full-time into internet marketing I realised that I would have to stop thinking about myself and start focusing on solving problems for other people. The thiing is you will have to give value to people in some form or another if you are going to succeed. If now you will just be spreading noise and there is enough of that on the internet. It’s true what they say that “give and you will receive”. Help others and they will return you in some way. So stop focusing on some “get rich quick schemes” and start building content. If you think you don’t have anything to share or your knowledge is limited don’t worry. Try to find one thing you have always wanted to learn for example…”How to put up a wordpress page”….”how to setup a paypal account” and share it with people. Make a tutorial. Not knowing something is not an excuse. Go online an learn it. You will be that much smarter than the next person and you will be able to help someone out later on with that exact problem.

That is how I operate. If I hit a hurdle I don’t think “now I don’t know how to do this, I’m stuck”. Rather I go “great one more thing to learn”. When you start looking at problems and hurdles as opportunities to grow – man you are unstoppable.

My secrets is simple and you have heard it probably a million times. It’s a marathon not a sprint. Everyday I put one block in my business. I take my online business serious. If I don’t no one else will. I produce content everyday that focuses on helping others and slowly my audience grows over time. The aim is to put subscribers on your email list. That way you have an audience for life if you are smart and continue to produce valuable content. They will start to trust you and willing to give you money in return. That is the beauty of being a product maker instead of say doing affiliate marketing. The owner of the product you are promoting could take it down at any moment and then you can not promote it anymore. But nobody can take away your email list. So affiliate marketing is good but it should never be the only source of income for your. You want to make your own products.

Become enthusiastic about building your own online business nobody can take away from your. Make this your life. Read. Watch. Learn. Become and authority. WIth the internet it has never been easier. Need skills? Learn them. Better yet outsource them! When you decide to live and breathe online money making will become your nature. Focus on building something sustainable instead of a short term fix. Yes it could take time but the payoff when it hits is huge.


Focus on helping other not “making money for yourself”.

Produce valuable content.

Start building an email list.

Make this your life’s goal.

Hafsteinn Thordarson