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Make Money Blogging for Beginners Review

You write passionately about your topic of interest hoping to inspire people but your Google Analytics is showing zero visitors a day and you don’t see any change in your bank account. That was my situation also until I found the online course that changed it. Here is my Make Money Blogging for Beginners Review.

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If you don’t know how to make money blogging – read on. Now before you write off blogging as something boring and an ‘ancient online method’ compared to all the hype today with social media, I want to tell you why I consider having a blog as the main part of your online business, is crucial.

The thing is that if your goal is to make money from home using the internet there is one thing that is absolutely essential no matter what kind of online business you are running. Web traffic.

When marketers talk about Web traffic they are referring to people visiting your blog, website, YouTube videos, Instagram channel etc.

It doesn’t matter if you use YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter – successful online marketers use these platforms to send people away from these platforms and to their offers or products.

These are usually somebody else’s products (affiliate marketing) and in that case the web traffic is sent to the website of the owner of the product and if a sale is made the person who sent the buyer get’s a commission.

Don’t get me wrong. Using social media to drive traffic to affiliate offers can be a very lucrative way of making money. But there is a problem. Relying solely on traffic from big companies is very risky for your brand as I listed out in my last blog post.

You see these companies set their own terms and if you violate them you can have your account shut down and thus taking away your web traffic and your income.

Big companies can also go bankrupt overnight like Enron.

Imagine having built your entire business around getting traffic from YouTube videos. If YouTube would suddenly disappear – then so would your business!

The chance of Google and YouTube going bankrupt are slim however so I would be more worried about my account getting shut down because doing something that I didn’t know was violating YouTube terms.

All of this had gotten me thinking, ‘what is the safest and smartest way of building an online business?’.

The conclusion has always been – A BLOG.

It’s the safest in my opinion because you can self-host it on a webserver and run it on an open source software like WordPress.

You can run traffic from social media and paid traffic TO your blog where you can have both your own and affiliate offers. Your blog will also generate free organic traffic from the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. That is my favourite traffic because it’s targeted and free!

There was only one problem for me. I didn’t know how to monetize my blog and get traffic to it.

That’s when I came across the course ‘Make Money Blogging For Beginners’.


What is Make Money Blogging for Beginners?

As described on the salespage it’s ‘The solution for taking your blog from $0 to $1,000/month with free Traffic, affiliate Marketing, and other awesomesauce strategies’.

What that means basically is, that if you are a newbie that has already created a blog, put out a few blogposts but struggling to figure out the monetization part, then this course could be the right one for you.

It’s created by a couple, Alex Nerney & Lauren McManus, who where really struggling with their finances.

After I purchased the course and logged into the members area one of the first videos is about their story and the situation they were in which I think honestly a lot of people can relate to. Funny enough the video is named ‘Hones Blogger Sh*t’.

They are a very laid back couple and I connected a bit with them as it seemed that they didn’t take themselves too seriously while still being professional.

I say that because they used a bit of a foul language and didn’t edit out ‘mistakes’ in their videos which gave me the feeling that they are just ordinary people like you and me and not one of those ‘webinar guys’ you see in the ads on Facebook with a mansion and a Ferrari in the background.

Alex and Lauren quit their jobs and moved to Seattle to start their blog. They started doing articles for their health and wellness blog, really struggling not knowing exactly what they were doing.

They had been trying for a long time to make money blogging with out any results. Putting in a lot of hours of trials and errors while having to say no to partying with their friends. But they were determined to find out this ‘make money online’ thingy!

They spent thousands of dollars on courses that helped them educate them.

Alex also explains how he was having a full-time job and then coming home and spending hours on his blogs but with no results. As a result he starting developing anxiety. But they didn’t quit.  

This is something that they described as a ‘testing phase’. They describe that when they finally figured it out it was like a code being cracked. When they broke down the code they realized that they could scale it.

After they started making money passively they then starting creating products to help other people do the same (and make money at the same time of course).

So, in short. If you are a person that already has a basic knowledge in blogging, maybe already have a few blogposts but aren’t having any results moneywise then Alex’s and Lauren’s course is something worth checking out.

In the course you will learn how to get a lot of free traffic to your blog using Google, Pinterest and YouTube. The course will also help you to convert that traffic into money.

The thing is that lots of people get traffic to their blog but they don’t know how to convert that traffic into money. This is because they are getting the ‘wrong’ kind of people to their blogs. The course teaches how to get visitors that are willing to spend money.

This is because they are getting the ‘wrong’ kind of people to their blogs. The course teaches how to get visitors that are willing to spend money.

What did I like about the course Make Money Blogging for Beginners?

The amount of video content

The first thing that comes to my mind when talking about what I like the most about this course is the crazy amount of content you are getting for the price.

I did a rough calculation of the hours this course has it’s more than 17 hours of video alone.

These videos break down into these categories (take note these are rounded numbers and not totally precise but just to get a feeling about the lenght):

Introduction – 1.3 hours

Strategies, Objectives, and Expectations – 20 minutes

Ad Revenue – 20 minutes

Sponsored Posts – 10 minutes

Basics of Affiliate Marketing – 1.2 hours

Creating Your Affiliate Marketing Strategy – 20 minutes

Amazon Associates – 1 hour

Selling Other Affiliate Products – 30 minutes

Email Marketing Basics – 2.45 hours

Creating Email Opt-Ins – 40 minutes

Creating an Email Sales Funnel – 25 minutes

Blog Traffic Basics – 45 minutes

Pinterest – 2.35 hours

YouTube – 45 minutes

Google – 1.7 hours

Facebook Groups – 1.7 hours

Bonus Lessons – 45 minutes

The Next Steps… Bonus Videos from Six-Figure Blogger – 28 minutes

Become an Affiliate for Create and Go – 25 minutes

Even though there is a lot of content the course is broken down into steps and you get a good view of your progress as you go a long with a progress bar so you always know where you are located in the course.

Loaded with helpful material in text form

As if 17+ hours of video is not enough it’s also filled with tools, resources and bonuses like templates, checklists, to-do lists, guidelines, links to helpful websites, support group, strategies and PDF’s.

Honestly I haven’t gone through all of this extra material as my focus was mainly on consuming videos and I just haven’t had time to check all of it out – but often it’s something that is supposed to supplement the videos and help you get going – like the templates.

The amount of text resource in this course would honestly fill a decent e-book in my opinion.

Alex and Lauren also have put a big focus on staying on the ethical side of making money blogging and thus have loaded the course with a lot of guidelines when it comes to terms and policies regarding various things like Amazon, affiliate marketing and other business relationships.

This is very helpful as there are quite a number of things to consider when selling on your blog – especially with affiliate marketing.

In my mind after taking this course there is no doubt that Alex and Lauren are honest people and ethical marketers for sure.

The Price

I purchased the course for $197 and as this review is written it’s still the same. Honestly I think this course should have a price point of around $300-$500 if taken into the account the value it has.

Just a few months before this I had purchased a self-publishing course that had 6 hours of video content and far less extra material for – wait for it – $697!

For me I was willing to pay that price because after doing my research on the course I knew that the value it had was worth the price. And I was right.

When I saw the price tag on ‘Make Money Blogging for Beginners’ I didn’t hesitate a minute as I knew it was a bargain.

The thing was the shortly before I purchased the self-publishing course the price of it had been $399 for a long time. So I was a little bit frustrated having to shell out $699. I wasn’t going to let that happen again.

The methods in this course work

Why do I say that? Because in the 2nd month of applying the methods of this course I made my first $124 affiliate sale with my blog – ever. The sale made me $43 in commission.

It was by selling an online course from Clickbank that I was able to track with an ID that I assigned to it. So I knew that it was sold through a special blogpost I had made.

The only reason I had this sale was because I did what the course taught me. It was not my first affiliate sale, but my first affiliate sale through my blog.

Make Money Blogging for Beginners Review
Snapshot of my first affiliate sale with my blog!

Alex and Lauren

A big part of this course and why I enjoyed it was the connection to this couple after watching a couple of their videos.

Not that it’s the most important part of a course but it’s always better to learn from someone you can connect with instead of listening to someone you really can’t stand.

Where they are coming from is probably not so far from were I am and maybe even you. Just regular persons that want to do better for their life’s.

Think the opposite of Tai Lopez. Ok he also did good for himself but you get my drift. No mansions or exotic cars in the background of their videos.

Make Money Blogging for Beginners Review
Lauren and Alex

The Pinterest part

One thing I really loved about this course and was probably the deciding factor why I bought it is because it teaches how to grow your blog through Pinterest.

This was a real eye-opener for me as I had no idea people were driving traffic from Pinterest to their blogs.

The reality is that there are lots of people on Pinterest who like to spend money online. The course teaches how to get them over to your blog.

For most people it can take a very long time to grow their organic search traffic from Google and then it can be a good idea to get traffic from other channels like social media to fill in the gap.

What I did not understand (and maybe more people) is that Pinterest is a powerful search engine that can be used to get targeted visitors to a blog or website.


The course is updated with new relevant content so it should always have the most recent information on how to make money blogging.

So what didn’t I like about the course?

The course is so wast!

With over 17 hours of video and all the extra material it’s actually easy for a person to feel a little bit overwhelmed to begin with especially if you are newbie and don’t feel comfortable with all the tech-jargon, social media, affiliate policies, strategies, terms etc etc.

That said the course is targeted to people who already have their blog going and are not completely starting out so you should be a little bit comfortable with at least basic knowledge of operating a blog.

Even still you are going to learn all this eventually because Alex and Lauren do a good job explaining all these things.

There are a ton of things to think about when setting up a successful blog and even though I myself am not a newbie when it comes to online marketing, I did find myself having a handful going through the course and it did take quite a time for me to finish all the videos.

And that’s just going through some of the extra reading material – not nearly all of it.

Also, if if you consider that some of the videos may have to be watched more than once or twice to really understand them, it’s easy to see that you need patience, time and focus in order to have this course work for you.

Don’t get wrong – I’m not complaining about the content of the course and it’s great that they put all this work in – but I feel some of the fat could have been cut down from the meat – if you get my drift.

That said, it is possible in my opinion to skip some of the videos. For instance if you are determined not to use YouTube to drive traffic to your blog and only use SEO or Pinterest then there is really no need to watch those videos, thus speeding faster through the course.

Some videos are a bit long

The longest video is about 2 hours 45 minutes and that can be a little bit overwhelming for some people to go through instead of trying maybe chop it down to more easily consumable content that you can take step by step. I didn’t really bother me but it was one thing I noticed right a way that could maybe be improved.

The email marketing part

E-mail marketing is something of an art and can really take time to master. Alex and Lauren try their best to introduce their students how to effectively use e-mail to sell to their subscribers but in my opinion this is something that is very hard to do as it’s just a part of this course and in my opinion would need more focus on.

As they explain themselves they had to do a lot of trial and error until they found something that worked and they do give you a template to follow.

But in the end they really confess that it’s all about testing and figuring things out as you go. That’s true because you can find long books and extensive online courses on copywriting skills and email marketing.

So don’t expect to become and email marketing specialist just from this course.

How does this course compare to other courses out there?

That question is a little bit hard for me to answer as I can’t really compare this course to others as this is the only course on the subject of making money blogging that I have ever purchased.

Obviously I am never going to be able to do a full on comparison on how this one is better of worse than something else.

What I did however do before purchasing the Make Money Blogging for Beginners course is to compare the features of it to the paid courses that I found by doing some research beforehand.

There are tons of courses online available on how to make money with a blog but I will shortly skim the ones that I found to be most eligible.

So I am going to explain what it was actually that convinced me of buying this course an not some other.

Mind you these are only paid courses I will talk about – not free ones.

Sure there are a ton of free courses, but usually they never answer all the questions needed and usually try to upsell you on the really good stuff later on that the paid courses already include. 

First of all, when I search for the phrase ‘Make Money Blogging for Beginners’ I had the course I bought coming in on page 1 with organic search result nr. 6.

Not bad but maybe nothing special right? If I search for the phrase ‘Make Money Blogging’ their homepage comes in at number 7.

So that is re-assuring and gives a good expression that these are people that have content that Google likes.

Make Money Blogging for Beginners Review

Well I checked the 5 search results in front and they are all blog posts on how to make money blogging.

While they do provide some value for free on different ways you can monetize your blog, they don’t come close to a full-blown course that teaches you step-by-step on how to get your blog going to $1,000 a month.

In short – the ‘Make Money Blogging for Beginners’ course was the first course in the search results that I found after the blogposts.

The second blog course I found was ‘Elite Blog Academy’ byt Ruth Soukup. She has an e-book called ‘How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul.’ Her e-book is quite popular on Amazon so I knew that it would probably be of value. However it only consists of 12 videos, 16 handouts and 30 assignments, a private FB group, some bonus material and a Q&A webinar with Ruth herself.

The really downside I saw to this course was that it costs a whopping $897 for lifetime access and it only opens for signups once a year!

Sorry that was a big no-no for me.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder was the next one I checked out. She is a blogger that claims to be making around $50,000 a month blogging with affiliate marketing.

The homepage shows that the course has 6 modules, over 30 lessons, a course workbook, bonuses and a private mastermind. It’s priced the same at $197 so it definitely was an option but I didn’t get the vibe from this person and also it does not have nearly the same amount of content. That said,

I’m not saying it’s a bad course, I haven’t tried it, but I just wasn’t as impressed with the salespage, the features and benefits.

Next up was The Complete Blogging Course: Build Blogs and Earn Money on Udemy. Now I’m always a bit sceptic when buying courses that cost $9.99 as it’s hard to believe that some solid education is being sold for this little money.

However I have bought a course before on Udemy on Facebook Marketing for this price and it was actually full of good valuable information. The course is 66 lectures of total of just over 4 hours of video.

The course did however have a rating of 3.4 and the reviews were a bit mixed and it seems that it’s mostly focused on complete beginners when it comes to blogging. So take it with a grain of salt!

To round it up I found that ‘Make Money Blogging for Beginners was the perfect balance between price and the amount of quality information I needed on the subject. Also it had the most persuasive sales page in my opinion by far.

First affiliate commission

So, who is it for?

If you are a complete newbie and have no idea what WordPress or Web hosting is or how to setup a blog then this course is probably not for you. Alex and Lauren have another course called Launch Your Blog which is targeted towards complete beginners.

I would suggest that one if you think that’s were you are at. If you already have a blog however and aren’t seeing the results moneywise then you really can’t go wrong with Make Money Blogging for Beginners.

The videos are easy to consume and the stuff Alex and Lauren teach is something that I think most people can learn and apply if they are willing to invest their time to this. 


Would I recommend Make Money Blogging for Beginners? Yes no doubt! I was a bit on the fence when I saw the price tag of $197 but after doing some research I was convinced that the value the course possessed was worth it and it turned out exceeding my expectations. I mean, over 17 hours of video is quite impressing for the price to say the least.

The course is easy to comprehend and I would think that most people would not have difficulties understanding the methods as long as they have managed to set up their own blog in the past.

If you have basic knowledge on how the internet works, links, e-mail and perhaps dabbled with Google Adsense (who hasn’t) then you probably are more than prepared to dive right in and start learning how to fully monetize your blog.

Be ready though to invest time in going through all this material, it’s not just videos but tons of content in the form of text, PDF, worksheets and links to other helpful pages. I took it step by step.

Some of the material I found was easy to just skim over – you don’t need to read all this stuff – it’s just helpful if you really want to dig into certain aspects of the course. And like I said, if you don’t plan on using some methods like Facebook groups or YouTube marketing, there is really no need to watch all those videos.

However, I would recommend watching all of them like I did to get a better understanding how online marketing really works and then make an assessment on what would really benefit your goals with your blog.

There is a 60-day refund period so if you don’t see any results after trying the methods in this course then you just hit Alex and Lauren up and get your money back. They do however ask for some evidence of if you really applied the methods. Still, I don’t think it should be much of a trouble.

Will you see results with this course?

Well, that depends on the person and what you consider results! Results can be more traffic, more money or more email subscribers. Usually the purpose of all this is to make more money. Some people perhaps are into blogging to inspire and help other people but honestly most also want to get at least something in return. And why shouldn’t they?

Make Money Blogging for Beginners Review
Change in my traffic shortly after finishing the course.

Like I explained earlier in this blog post I got my first ever commission of $43 from my blog in the second month by doing exactly what I learned from this course.

That said I was probably not being as active as I could have been working on my blog. Is it possible to make money in the first month? Probably. It all depends on how much effort you are willing to put into this.

But I would be amazed if you worked very hard without seeing any results in the first 3-4 months. But of course there is never something for nothing. You have to be willing to spend some time on this and to learn new things.

In short. If you are looking for a solid way to learn how to make money from you blog ‘Make Money Blogging for Beginners’ is totally worth it. Is it perfect. No. But what is? It compared well against the other courses I found online and I have never regret investing $197 into the course. Every penny well spent.

If you want to get started with Make Money Blogging then head out over here:


Also I want to thank you if you took time to read my review to the end. Hope it helps in the decision of buying.

Hafsteinn Thordarson.

First affiliate commission