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Living a Laptop Lifestyle

What is a laptop lifestyle and why would you want to pursue one? What does it mean to be an internet marketer and work through your laptop?

For me the laptop lifestyle is primarily freedom. It’s location freedom, time freedom and financial freedom. There are a lot of people out there that make serious amount of money in their day jobs but these people are usually locked in one place and don’t have freedom when it comes to their time. Then there are people with a lot of time but no cash and therefor can’t travel to new locations. The laptop lifestyle or internet marketing has it all.

Most of us are programmed from childhood that working is good for you. At least where I come from. The more you work the more respect you get as a person. This is maybe true up to the point. But the fact is that I never heard about anyone saying on their deathbed: “I wished I would have worked more”. On the contrary I think that most people have regrets about spending most of their best years working long hours and being away from their family and children. Probably most of them want more time with each other.

Yet if they would have been presented with an alternative method at an earlier time most of them would have brushed it of as some kind of scam or bogus business. Some people are so attached to the “ordinary” routine of 9-5 that it’s just overwhelming for them to realize the quality of life internet marketing can provide them. Some of them don’t want to leave their old life where they have a boss, a job, a paycheck, a routine and “security”. But is it really secure?

Time and time again I read in my local newspaper about worker strikes because they are not getting paid enough by their bosses. If they are lucky they get a raise of 5-10%. I read about workers in fish factories loosing their jobs because the company decided to move the operation elsewhere. I read about exhausted nurses working long shifts for low pay considering the long studies they have gone through. I read about people’s pensions getting stolen or taxed so high that I wonder why people are putting money in them in the first place. Always there seems to be someone to tell you how much you can get. How to spend your time and where.

I do respect the people that work these jobs. Somebody has to do them and they are not all easy. Some people have a calling and nothing is wrong with that. But some people are not happy with their situation be it financial or overall happiness. Because they are not free. They don’t have freedom of time or the freedom of location. Why do so many people look forward on going on a vacation? Because they don’t have to work and they can go someplace else than usual. It’s a fact that many people actually hate their job. Think about spending 40 years of your life working a job you hate.

To be able to break free from this circle of pain you have to change your way of thinking. You have to rule out everything you have been taught about life. You have to get rid of doubts and disbelief about yourself. You have to be ready to fail and make mistakes and learn along the way. You will have to believe in yourself when no one else does. You will have to get an idea that can benefit other people so you can profit from it.

Living the laptop lifestyle means helping others in some kind of form be it a product of your own or a service. There are many business models to make money from but to be truly an online entrepreneur is to turn on your computer in the morning to see how much money you made while sleeping.

Freedom of money, time and location is something that most people dream of but never take any action on. The first step is to take a decision of changing your life. It all starts there.

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom