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Life Goal: What Is Your Ultimate Dream Life?

A life goal is something I think every person should have. Many of us just wander through life in an almost sleep-like state and never creating any real long-term goals.

The average person lives 27,375 days which means that if you are 25 today you have 18,250 days left. I remember when I was a teenager it felt like I was going to live forever and probably most of us do.

But as you get older you have more responsibility. Demanding jobs. Pay the bills. Taking care of children. As time goes by some of us get this nagging feeling crawling up behind us that we are not really pursuing our true dreams and happiness and that we don’t really have a life goal.

After I finished highschool and had to decide what kind of profession I wanted to have in the future (which is usually around 20 in my home country of Iceland) I decided to go to art school and study graphic design. I had always enjoyed drawing comics as a kid and I thought “why not study something I have skills in and make a career out of that?”.

Sure enough I bloomed in school and working as a graphic designer for some years up until the point around 2010 when I realized something was wrong.

I recognized that for sure I was in a profession I really liked and had an interest in – something that maybe not all people are lucky enough to experience in their lifetime – but still I was uneasy about something I couldn’t put a finger on.

Slowly this feeling started manifesting in the realization that I was not really pursuing my true dream. I for sure liked working with design. I enjoyed it up to a point. But not everything.

After all these years I saw that most of the time I was working for bosses that did not know a great deal of what I was doing but still pretending to and obviously giving me orders on how to do my job many times. Most of the time I would feel that I was not getting paid as I should and being undervalued as a worker. I would feel that I was not building anything sustainable for myself and just going this monthly cycle of long hours of stress every workday to get new fresh ideas just for somebody else to claim the credit.

On top of that the job security in this profession is not so great in Iceland and there is a lot of competition and demand for staying up-to-date on the newest trends and always trying to outdo the next man. This can be tiring in the long-run.

I thought to myself that this was not something I would want to be doing until I was an old man. I wanted more. More freedom. More money. More time. I wanted a certain life goal I wanted to be working towards.

Thinking about this and becoming aware of my situation has led my to where I am today having started Next Step Freedom running my own online business. After really thinking about what I wanted my life to be about I realized that I wanted more freedom. I don’t necessarily want a lot of money.

Rather I want the freedom of having steady income stream that calms the nerves when you go to sleep at night knowing that you will get paid by yourself every month. That you don’t have to worry about someone else paying your salary.

I want more freedom of time to be able to meet my loved ones more often and not having someone controlling my time. I want more freedom of movement and being able to work anywhere I want so long as I have a laptop and an internet connection.

But moreover I want the freedom to manifest my thoughts and ideas and create the things I really want to create and work on MY business and MY goals. Chasing my own dreams but not someone else’s.

To have the freedom to send my message to a big group of people and having them like you for it. Having the freedom to set goals for my life and not allowing anyone to interfere with that. That is a great feeling. I have set myself to grow in business and in my personal life. I’m not in a “zombie-like” state anymore and I know what I want in my life. I want security like most people. I like to travel and to have a lot of free time.

I want to make money while doing that and in the process become a figure that people look to and feel inspired by. I want to help others become successful while I become successful and spread prosperity into people’s lifes with every content I create online and when I meet new people. I want to help and encourage others to pursue their life goals. That is my life goal.

It’s true – the more you give – the more you will get in return. I believe that.

I don’t know your current situation. If you are happy with your life. If you have goals that you want to pursue. If you have certain desired outcome for your life. If you feel like you are just fumbling around in life I encourage you to take action today.

It’s a little bit funny but sometime we say to ourselves that we don’t know what is wrong or what the exact cause is that’s effecting our current state of being. But deep inside we know. It’s just that most people are afraid of facing their fears and the nature of their true problem. So take a close look and be honest with yourself. What is the one thing you desire most in your life.

A good relationship? Money? Freedom? Traveling the world? Figure it out and start making a plan to acquire the thing you want the most. Create a life goal for yourself.

Peope usually have excuses not to go after what they want because they have self-doubts and fears. I’ve been there. I was constantly worried about what other people might think of me if I did this and if I did that. That is not freedom. It’s a feeling of being caged.

Not to be the person you really want to be. I would be frustrated and blame all the wrong persons for my situation until I finally said enough. I started taking action and facing my fears. Fear of exposing myself as a person and sharing things in my life.

Fear of being infront of a camera and talk. Fear of looking and hearing myself speak on camera. Overcoming that was a huge thing for myself because I use to hate listening to my voice.

Of course it’s not great in the beginning but you get better with each step you take so just start and don’t worry about not being perfect. Allow yourself to be imperfect and grow as you go along.

Be honest with yourself if you are having doubts about the situation of your life. Identify your true desires and face you fears and self-doubts that are stopping your from taking action. Make a long-term plan for your life. Envision it.

Follow that plan every day be it small or big steps. Be consistent. You don’t need to take huge-leaps. Small improvements everyday are good way of turning your life around slowly. One day you will be the person you always imagined if you purse your life goal.

Want to start building your own freedom?

To your success,

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom