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KDROI Kindle Publishing Tool Review

I bought this KDROI Kindle Publishing Tool  some weeks ago as I was getting a little tired submitting books into directories all day long. As you may have heard me say before – Free downloads are good for you Kindle books. Why?
Even though you are not making money, free downloads rank your book higher. What does that mean? It’s telling Amazon’s algorithm that your book is in demand, people are downloading it and interacting with your product. This is good. With 7 billion people in the world a few hundred downloads just don’t matter. Heck, even a few thousand. There are plenty of customers out there.

But how to get the free downloads? People have mainly been promoting them in Facebook groups, Twitter and into website directories. Now this can take time – especially the directories. One book could take me about 45 minutes and then I still have to promote it on Facebook and Twitter which combined could take the same time. Now this can take a big chunk out of your day if you are promoting let’s say 2-3 books the same day. Doesn’t leave much left for something else.

So I did some research on how to replace my biggest headache (website directories) with some kind of automational tool. Sure enough there are some out there and after some reading I decided to invest in KDROI The Ultimate Kindle eBook Promotion Tool” by Wesley Atkins. After some weeks of using it I am comfortable doing a short review on it.

The Pro’s
First of all it makes them claim on the website’s sales page header that it is a software Application that Submits Your Book Promotion To Over 31 Sites In 15 Seconds – WITHOUT Filling In Mindless Forms OR Outsourcing To Fiverr. The user interface is simple and not complicated at all. It comes as a Google Chrome extension or Firefox and makes promoting books incredible easy. You just load up the extension on your Kindle book’s Amazon page and it loads all the information automatically into the program as you can see below. You only have to put into the dates, if it’s Fiction or Non-Fiction and if it’s a free promotion, 99c or Permafree. And yeah your email to get a confirmation. That’s basically it! Then you just hit submit and the rest takes care of itself. Note you will in 2-3 cases have to confirm your email to get it registered.

It only costs $47 for lifetime access to this is definitly a good buy, no montly costs and unlimited updates. So this is a very good deal as this will save you a ton of time. Also there is a 60 day money back guarantee.

KDROI review

The support has fast turn-around when I had a question for it and said it would look into my problem.

The Con’s
Even though it says it submits to 31 directories my program usually only submits successfully to 23-25 which was a little bit of a disappointment to me because it says 31. The reason for this I found out was that in some cases my books don’t fullfill some of the directories requirements like minimum 10 reviews or minimum 5 star average. Still it’s submitting to 26 directories in 2 minutes – something that would take me 45-60 min. If you are really sad about the ones it’s not submitting to, it lets you know which ones those are so you can manually submit to them if you want.

This KDROI Kindle Publishing Tool is a must if you are a Kindle publisher and I highly recommend it. You will get your money back fast with it.

Hafsteinn Thordarson
Founder, NextStepFreedom

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