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K Money Mastery Review: Easiest Way To Start Making Money Online?

As I want to continue providing value and help my audience creating their first $100 online I decided to do my review on the Kindle course K Money Mastery 2.0.

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I started quite late in online marketing and honestly I think I started at the wrong end.

You see back in December 2014 I purchased an online coaching program from one of the big gurus online that was mainly focused on how to do your first digital product launch. It was an extensive course with days worth of videos that had to be watched if you wanted to get the most out of it. I did the work, watched the videos, followed the instructions and 6 months later I launched my product and made my first $5,000 online.

6 months of hard work.

Don’t get me wrong. It was one of the greatest feelings I have had making this money but there was only one problem. It wasn’t passive. As in once it was launched it had momentum for like about a month and then it kind of faded away. The reason is that nobody knew my name and this product was like the “flavor of the week” in the internet marketing space.

Doing product launches is recommended, but I would say you would have to do one when you are an established name in the industry with lots of web traffic coming to your page and you would have to have a evergreen product that can sustain itself and provide value over time.

That was not the case with my product. 

Believe me, when you are starting out trying to make money online you don’t want to start with creating your own product. You have no idea if somebody is going to want to buy your product after having  maybe spent months on creating it. You want to use a system or a product that has been proven to work in order to get you going and seeing your first income online.

Still I learned a lot of things but unless I wanted to spend perhaps another 6 months on another product I started looking for easier ways to generating passive, recurring income online that could maybe one day make me able to quit my job. That’s when I stumbled upon K Money Mastery 2.0 from Stefan James Pylarinos.




K money mastery bundle

What is K Money Mastery?

In short it’s a step-by-step video course that 6 figure Kindle publisher, business coach, philantropist and online entrepreneur Stefan James Pylarinos has created to help people make money with Kindle Publishing. He has been focused on self-development since he was 17 years old and started Project Life Mastery in 2012 as an means to help people with their lifes with subjects like health, mindset, relationships and namely finances.

I don’t remember how exactly I came by his course but I remember I had been researching making money online and passive income and his course was (and still is) one of the most sold products in the Clickbank marketplace. I had also watched many of his video on his YouTube channel were he has a very big following and after listening to this guy and reading what his student said about him and his course I got convinced about purchasing his course.

Stefan started doing Kindle Publishing in 2011 but he says himself that he never really took it seriously until 2012 and started to make some good money. He claims to have launched his first version of K Money Mastery in 2013 out of necessity because he was having a lot of people asking him for advice on making money with Kindle and thus he created the training program aimed ad newbies and beginners. In one of his videos he talks about his students having made over $1 million with Kindle publishing. I haven’t seen any dashboards screenshots or bank statements but I’m not going to say that what he says is wrong. That’s his statement.

What we have to give Stefan credit for is that he was one of the first, if not the first person to create a course on the publishing and marketing aspect of Kindle publishing and how to get other people (ghostwriters) to do the writing for you and how to hire virtual assistants to run the business for you and automate the process. In that sense he is a pioneer in the field and a renowned name in the Kindle Publishing world. Since he has been doing this since 2011 he has tried a lot of things and has a good experience on what works and what doesn’t. He really comes at you like an honest person that puts his heart into his products and cares about his customers and that was one of the biggest factors when I was trying to decide if to buy his course.

In 2015 he launched an updated and improved 2.0 version with brand new videos and new PDF’s. When I purchased the 2.0 course in 2016 it was priced at $67 which I still think is a ridiculously good price for all the value I got from it.

K Money Mastery is a video course with work files that aims to help beginners and newbies to create income online by publishing Kindle books on Amazon.

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What I liked about K Money Mastery

1. Price
For starters I really liked the price tag. I bought it for $67 but I noticed that the price has risen to $97. Even so compared to other courses out there and all the content in the course the price tag shouldn’t be an issue if you are thinking about getting this course. There are other Kindle courses out there and one that is priced about 8 times more.

2. Simplicity
The second thing I like about this product and which I have tested myself is that it teaches a 100% legitimate way of making money online and compared to other online methods it’s relatively easy if you follow the videos. Kindle Publishing is a rather simple process that doesn’t involve a lot on the technical side. This is a big benefit because most people starting out trying to make money online are often very discouraged about doing “techy” stuff like setting up a WordPress site or doing email marketing. This course a videos that go step-by-step into the
simple process of outsourcing the creation of your first Kindle book and how to publish it in way that every person should be able to take this task on.

3. Up to date.
The product creator seems to put continued effort into updating the course and follow recent trends as you can read the latest announcements inside your dashboard by clicking on a tab called “latest news”. Even though there are only two updates in 2018 I guess there are no major changes happening in the world of Kindle Publishing but if they do they will probably be published there. There have been regular announcements in this sections since 2013 and the last one was on May 4th 2018 which is a good indication that the product is still very relevant to potential buyers wanting to break into Kindle Publishing.

4. Plenty of easily consumable video lessons

The course involves around about 25 videos (plus some video testimonials) that range from 3 – 25 minutes each so you really don’t feel like there is an overwhelming amount of content that you have to go through. Stefan for me is a pretty decent presenter and has a comforting voice so it’s quite a joy to go through the videos. They mostly involve screen-capture from his computer so you can follow exactly along with what he is doing so it’s rather easy to learn this stuff. For the price tag I would say that I got way more content then I expected to pay for.

Videos include topics like:

Finding A Profitable Niche

Keyword Research

Design A Cover That Sells

Creating A KDP Account

Getting Amazon Reviews

Using Twitter & Facebook To Promote Your Book

Setting Up Your Amazon Author Central Account

These are just a few examples of the topics. There are many more.

5. Easy navigation
The membership dashboard is clean and it’s really easy to navigate the course.

K Money Mastery Review

6. Bonuses
The course comes packed with 7 bonus videos that include lessons like Automation And Outsourcing With Virtual Assistants, Goal Setting For Kindle Publishing, Mindset & Philosophy For Success, Ritual For Scaling Up, Non-US Tax Requirements, Creating A Corporation Or LLC For Your Kindle Business and Accounting Basics For Your Kindle Business.

7. Resources
There are plenty of Worksheets and Lesson summaries on PDF’s and Word format in case you want to take a break from the computer.

8. Success
After taking this course I had a basic understanding on how to create a Kindle ebook or have it outsourced and how to publish it. Everything from finding Amazon search keywords, finding a niche, finding a title for your book, descripion and so on. After taking this course I generated over $5,000 solely by using the methods that I learned from this course

What I did NOT like about K Money Mastery

1. It doesn’t teach you how to leverage your books.
As I mentioned this course is all about making Kindle books that are downloadable from Amazon. But it doesn’t show you how you can easily convert that book into for example a paperback version to sell on Createspace or an audiobook to sell on ACX. Most people don’t know that this is possible with spending little to no extra money that can potentially often triple your income from one book or even more. This I learned from another course namely Self Publishing Revolution which is cost about 8 times more at the time. You might earn a couple of thousands per month with this program but you are going to have a hard time scaling up from there using only Kindle versions of your book.

2. It doesn’t teach you how the Amazon algorithm REALLY works.
What I have learned is that to get the most out of your Kindle book you have to “please” the Amazon algorithm in a way so your book rank well. In order to get consistent sales your book has to be on the first page in the keyword search results. This course doesn’t go into that and focused a little too much on publishing more books rather than actually dig into the framework that needs to be around a profitable Kindle book. It also teaches methods like promoting your books on social media that I know is absolutely pointless when it comes to selling your book. I have tested it myself and that is not the deciding factor when it comes to having success with your book.

3. Testimonials don’t have screenshots.
I have watched dozens of video testimonials were Stefan interviews students about their experience with K Money Mastery and their success. Even though their stories are very inspiring I really did miss seeing some screenshots from their dashboards or some kind of income proof. They just say that they are making a lot of money but I never saw an actual proof of their income. I’m not saying that their claims or not true but it would have helped. Even so I did buy the course and it DID make me money even though it hasn’t generated me the same amount as some of these students claim they are having.

Who should buy this product?

In my opinion this product is suitable for everyone who is looking for an easy way to start generating passive income online. Actually I think Kindle Publishing is the most easy and simple way of generating passive income – well, maybe it’s easier if you have a spare room to rent out – then perhaps that’s easier – but Kindle Publishing comes close.

Making money online can be a tedious work with some learning curve and require some technical knowledge in order to set up your online business. The good thing with doing Kindle publishing that it doesn’t require a lot of that stuff. It’s pretty simple to publish a book on Amazon and you don’t even need to get web traffic to your book because all the traffic is already on Amazon. The only real work that you have to do is coming up with a keyword or a niche, having your book created and publishing it. After that there is very little maintenance required in order to keep your books selling.

Even though I would says that Kindle Money Mastery 2.0 doesn’t go in-depth with some algorithm mambo jambo that you probably don’t care about, it doesn’t mean that you can’t start to make decent income with it monthly.

Do I recommend this program to Kindle first-timers – hell yea!

I think it’s an excellent business to jump-start an online business. Even though I don’t recommend having focusing only on Kindle in your business I think it’s a great asset to your portfolio of income streams as it’s so simple and passive. Once you get going with it, it can be a ground work for taking your business to the next level like doing affiliate marketing and creating your own products.

I would say that following the course and doing the work it teaches you should be able to make $1,000 to even $2,000 in passive income. That in my opinion is serious income for anyone who hasn’t made money online before. In June 2016 I actually managed to generate $800 by just following what I learned from the course. I’m not saying that you will do the same  but I would say is achievable for anyone willing to do the work with this course. To go beyond $2,000 a month I would say that you would have to take a look at other courses like Self Publishing Revolution.

For the price tag I would definetily say that the course delivers on what it promises and then some. If you are just starting out and your main goal is to just make your first dollar online – your really can’t go wrong with this course.

If your are looking for making $5-$10K a month then I would take a look at Self Publishing Revolution. But expect to pay a lot more for that course.

In my opinion you should start with K Money Mastery just to get the basic grips on publishing your first Kindle book, learning the ropes and getting comfortable with allt he aspects of Kindle Publishing. As you see your first income come, and you get more confident and you see that this is working, then maybe look into investing into other more expensive courses that can help you scale up to some serious money online.