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Just Do It – There Is No Try

Hey Hafsteinn Thordarson here from Next Step Freedom. I hope I find you well and good. In this video I am taking a short break on my hiking in a beautiful landscape in the South of Iceland.

I decided to share my thoughts on depending on yourself and others. I don’t know about you but when I was younger I would often come up with excuses when trying to achieve a particular goal. For example fixing something in my computer or home, installing a program or learning to snowboard. Often I would hit an obstacle in my effort to learn a new thing and as soon as that happened I decided that I needed help from another person or perhaps having someone just do it for me. Of course that can be the reality sometimes but more often than you think you can do these things completely on your own or more than you thought you could.

The fact that today we live in times with most knowledge being accessable on the internet in places like YouTube, there are tutorials and How-To’s on almost any subject today available for free.

When I was a teenager (which is a little while ago) I would often call a friend to come over or wait and help me with stuff or just wait for just anyone to just “show up” in order to get to the place I was trying to reach.

In my mind I had already decided that I was not smart enough to solve the problem on my own.

But about 10 years ago I started to do a little bit of mindshift and instead of getting frustrated when my efforts where not a complete success after first try – I would take a step back – and try to analyze the problem – cutting it down into smaller more do-able pieces.

I often talk about how I learned HTML coding. That programming language is actually not that hard compared to other languages but to me at that time it was just pure jargon of letters, numbers and signs that made no sense to me. For me it was not interesting but still I knew that it would be of a big benefit to learn how to use it. For meat that time I was more into graphics. But I wanted to be able to code my own webpages and to be able to do that properly one has to learn at least some basic coding skills (at that time).

So I took a decision I was going to make it interesting. I decided that I was going to learn to love it. Even though for me it didn’t seem fun or easy.

With time I learned the basic skills of HTML and CSS and got better as the years advanced. It started to become fun as you get to the point of being able to create so many useful things on your own without having to pay other people to do it. Suddenly coding became more exciting for me than Photoshop as a completely new world opened up for me. Today I love coding and I’m quite good at it basically because I took a decision about becoming good at it. Not just that I was going to dabble with it – but to do it no matter what.

It is a known fact that the people that are willing to do the things that most people won’t – are the people that become successful. I think there is some truth in that. For example most people look at coding as something scary or boring. But take it from me. If you really want to achieve something special in your life or reach a certain goal, then just say to yourself that you are not going to stop until you achieved it. Maybe you want to master you golf swing. You can do it. It all starts in your head and it’s just about telling yourself along the way “I will get where I want to be if I just stick to it”. If you train your mind to think this way then you will be unstoppable in life.

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