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iPro Day #13. Progress Update.

Today is my 13th day of promoting iPro so I made a small progress update.

Two weeks of investing in traffic and I finally hit profit today. Bought $180 in solo ad traffic and the return is $217.8. I made one sale in the first day which was a real good sign for me that this system would convert. Then nothing happened for about 4 days until I had another two sales. That really go me fired up. Then nothing for about 3 days until I made 3 sales one day and seven in the next two days after. So I have made sales now 3 days in a row of a total of 10 sales. That’s 13 sales in 13 days.

So I’m $37.8 in profit with 222 leads and acquired 10 customers for life. So I’m hoping some of these customers will upgrade to a higher level program and that’s going to be pure profit for me and allow me to invest more into traffic.

Watch the video to get more info on the progress.

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom

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