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Invest In Yourself And Take It To The Next Level

Quite often in the past I heard or read about someone saying “I invested in myself”. Usually the individual was some kind of business person, life coach or entrepreneur. But I never actually knew what it meant exactly to invest in someone.

Most people don’t have any clue what it means to to invest in yourself. For me I remember thinking it was something about trying to become a better person of some sort. I knew that many of these people were attending some sort of seminars and many of them seemed to mention a guy called Tony Robbins.

I couldn’t understand why people would spend thousands of dollars to attend these meetings and some of them would maybe spend all this money just on a few phone calls or sessions. What I didn’t understand was that these people wanted to take their lives to a higher level. The immediate return on investment (ROI) was not clear to me at the time but I know today what the benefits of this kind of investment can provide.

It took me five years of researching how to make money online until I finally handed in the towel and admitted that I needed some real solid guidance. Someone who had done this before and had a good track record. It still remember the day I transferred a good sum of money to new mentor. I have to admit asked myself what the hell I was doing. But somehow I knew that I was going to get that money back somehow and in the meantime acquired information and knowledge of immense value.

The good thing about spending a lot of money investing in yourself is that helps you take things seriously. This is not something I do lightly and I remember going through all of the training and sucking in as much knowledge as I could. I was totally honest with myself and really implemented what I was told to do. I went to great length to follow the instructions to the letter and surprise surprise I had success and made the money back with some profits actually. I finally succeeded online. I took my online business seriously and understood that to make progress you have to have some stakes.

There are people however who would never invest anything into themselves, claiming that everything is a scam and that you can get all of the information you want for free on the internet. That’s just not true. There are a lot of successful people online that are willing to share their knowledge with you for a price. Knowledge that could potentially take your life to a whole different level. There are some scammers of course but it’s easy to spot them. The people with the best track record and run a legitimate business are plentiful and also easy to find. Yes there is free information all over the internet. But some of it is not of good value. Some of it is just not true. I’ll tell you that you won’t find any step-by-step program or video course that provides hours of high value information from someone that has made millions of dollar online just lying around for free on the internet.

Sure there is the possibility that you could connect all the dots from the free information out there. But it could take you years. Maybe more. There are just so many elements that have to work together and they have to be done right if you want to succeed online. If you really want to succeed in life, to finally make money online and to turn things around you have to invest in yourself at some point in your life one way or another.


Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom