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Importance of Goal Settings: Knowing Why You Want To Make Money Online

It’s a fact that so many people enter the world of online marketing with hopes of earning money just by sitting in front of their computer and expecting some kind of “results”. They start without a clear plan on how they are going to achieve this or what these “results” are exactly. That’ why it’s important to write down your goal settings in the beginning.

I myself was guilty of doing this. There are countless times I have jumped on board on some kind of $10 system and expecting huge amount of return in a few days without any goal settings. When finally I had no results I would get discouraged and frustrated having spent my money on something that “didn’t work”. Let’s admit it that there is a lot of crap systems being sold to beginners but there are also products out there in the internet marketing world that truly deliver value.

Vision Board
Vision Board

You have probably heard it before. Internet marketing is a marathon not a hurdle. And it’s true. I tried for 5 years to come up with some fast way of earning online to no success. It wasn’t until I had truly committed to have success, to make this the goal of my life and followed a solid plan to help others that I finally had my first income online.

What I learned from my mentor back in 2015 was that you have to know why you want to do internet marketing and you have to have clear goal settings. Having success online can mean a lot of things. It can totally change your life and earn you income you have never seen before. It can give you results you have ever dreamed of. It’s basically up to you what you want because there is no actual limit to what you can earn online.

I decided that I was going to successful online no matter what because I wanted freedom and security. Freedom to travel, to spend more time with my family, freedom to buy things I always wanted but could not afford. But most of all I wanted to secure my future. I have seen so many people having to downgrade when they leave their job to become pensioners. Some of them even struggle to maintain a basic normal lifestyle because they didn’t save, they didn’t build assets and swapped time for money all their life. When they should actually be enjoying life they are forced to downgrade even though they worked all their life and paid taxes. Isn’t there something wrong with that equation?

Decide why YOU want to change your life and build a sustainable online business whether it’s to spend more time with your family, pay off debt, travel more, leaving your boring boss or buying that car you always wanted. The important thing is to decide on your goal and write it down. I had heard about this approach countless times and never understood the power of writing things down. I dismissed it as some kind of pseudo method. But I encourage you to try it. There is something that manifests in our mind when we visualize your goals.

Another thing is to create something called a visionboard. It can be anything like your refrigerator, the back of a closetdoor or a wall where you put photos or images of the things you desire. By visualizing things your are sending powerful thoughts into the universe as well as conditioning your mind to acquire the things you want whether it’s happiness, freedom, money, freetime or whatever your mind desires.

There are no special rules when it comes to creating your vision board. Put stuff there that inspires you and motivates you. Not just material things but also the state of mind your want to feel, feelings you want to have and overall goals you want to have in mind. Mix it all together. When we look at something everyday we start to believe that we can have them. What we focus on expands. For example. Michael Jordan might be your role model because he broke out of poverty to become one of the most successful athlete in history (and yeah athletes use visualization to improve themselves). Put a picture of him on your board. It will work.

Conclusion. Decide on why you want to make money online. If you have no special reason for doing it it’s less likely that you ever will have success. Successful people set goals and try to achieve them. Some times they don’t but most of the time they are very near to them which means that goals work. Start planning your success today, remember it’s all about babysteps and committing to this. Knowing why your are doing something will help you achieve the things you want.


Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom

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