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I Just Started My Own Podcast

I finally decided to start my own Podcast which I had been thinking about doing for a long time.

For me Podcasting has had little to do with marketing and business but lately I have been digging for more info on Podcasts, statistics and testimonials and it seems like I have largely underestimated the power of this medium when it comes to getting free traffic to your website.

It is also considered that Podcast listeners are more affluent than a lot of other audiences and seem to be more involved and focused into the “niche” or the content they are consuming. They will listen to this content in the gym, commuting in the car, while working, running and various other places. The medium seems to be more used on mobile devices compared to for example watching video.

If you thought that the hype around Podcasts was “cooling down” then think again. Podcast listening grew 23% between 2015 and 2016. 21% of people in America aged 12 and up have listened to a podcast in the past month. Podcast listening has increased 75% since 2013. Also¬†89% of advertisers consider their podcast advertising to be a success.

In my opinion Podcasts are a great way to connect with your audience and also create a new demographic of followers as the user base is quite different from the average desktop user. Podcast listeners consume up to two hours of content in a go which makes it a very attractive medium to give them amazing value while having the opportunity to promote to them.

WIth time you can create a large and loyal subscriber list and then channel them to your monetized blog or website were some of them will convert into lifetime customers perhaps. Even though I am a fan of paid advertising I also mix it up with free alternatives like YouTube, blogging, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and now finally Podcast wich I think could actually become my favorite.

The good thing about Podcasting as a traffic method is that it’s simpler than video in the sense that you are only dealing with audio. Which means you don’t have to be on camera. A lot of people really hate having to talk into a camera and are uncomfortable having to stand in front of one. Let’s face it – it’s not for everyone. That’s were Podcasts could be an alternative. Of course there is a tech barrier to be conquered like a good microphone and even a mixer if you really want good audio. Then there is editing and maybe even a professional audio jingle to serve as a kind of intro into the episode. It’s maybe not so different from making a pro YouTube video if you think about it.

Podcasting is also a good way to interview persons live which is much harder to do on YouTube. YouTube viewers are not as patient as Podcast listeners and want more “instant gratification” while Podcast listeners will consume for hours.

So Podcasts are here to stay in my opinion and if you are looking for free methods to drive traffic to your website or landing page offers then you should look into creating your own Podcast channel. It will instantly position yourself as an authority and “professional” if you have your own Podcast because its considered a very polished medium and if you consider that there are 900 blogs for every Podcast channel then you can see how much potential this medium can help you establishing yourself online as marketer.

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