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How to wake the fuck up – Yes you are stuck in the Matrix!

I wish I knew what I know now when I was younger. Then I would have started much sooner.

I hate to break it to you but we live in the Matrix. I don’t know where you are coming from or whatever your situation is – you are most likely living in a system that is trying to hold you down. I myself currently live in Iceland and was born in the capital of Reykjavik and had a rather good childhood if you count out something like the divorce of my parents at nine. There was food on the table and I went to school. This tiny little island has always been peaceful (at least since the viking era and the occupation in WW2) and an ideal place to raise up kids. In the summer we would play football outside without worries and in the winter we threw snowballs. Not much to complain about really.

Then you get older and the “Real World” takes over. You start to realize how things work. Even though Icelandic community is build on the foundation of helping each others and working hard – things have changed drastically in the last 20 years. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m perfectly aware that probably i’m luckier than a great deal of the world if we look at people that live in war zones, don’t have food or in other situations that are just not comparable. I’m talking about a system that looks nice and where politicians talk in fables about a dream society that only exists in speeches in front of happy crowds – but is so corrupt and rigged when you look under the hood.

I’m so happy and blessed with our love-hate relationship with social-media and the internet because it has allowed me to educate myself about things that I know that nobody would have told me in school and certainly I would never have seen on the national TV station. I’m happy that I live in a society were internet access is still free, where I’m free to have the believes that I have. To have my opinions. To have freedom of speech. I’m blessed and thankful for all this. It has allowed me to form my own opinions and to open my eyes for new things.

20 years ago I wanted to become a graphic designer. So I went and studied 4 years to become one. I for a long long time that’s what I thought was my mission and dream. After working as a designer for 10 years I started to get an uncomfortable feeling about my career. I DID like what I was doing for a profession – but I didn’t burn for it. Why? Somehow I had this feeling that I wasn’t fully maximizing my full potential. Sometimes I would daydream about starting my own Advertising agency but I had no experience running a company. I also knew that it would require big start-up costs, manage staff, dealing with potential co-owners, renting an office etc etc.

To make it short I was kind of stuck on “easy street” not moving backwards or forwards. This continued until 2013 when my 5 year relationship came to an end. I guess it was the end of the line there like my passion for my 9-5 work. I felt like needing a change. To get away. To try something new. I decided to go abroad and study some more. A master in graphic design Florence Italy. I thought that by studying some more about the same – I would become the person who I wanted to be – to be where I wanted to be – and do what I wanted to do. To make it short the continued study didn’t change anything.

But something happened while I was in Italy. In my christmas vacation I had been googling for coaching programs for making money online and stumbled on to a training webinar by a renowned internet marketer – a millionaire. After listening to him talk for about 3 hours I was blown away. I got a tingling feeling that I had stumbled upon something that was being kept away from the public. This guy was teaching people how to create their own products and sell them on the internet. To make it short I enrolled, invested in myself and ended up launching my own product and made my first online income. This was in the middle of my studies and I ended up spending more time on my internet business than on my “regular” studies. I knew that I was on to something new. Something I had been searching for. The missing piece. Where I could leverage my skills that I had required and also learn new ones. And make a lot more money with it.

This webinar almost three years ago led to my online journey and to evaluate my true calling. Where I am and what I have been doing. I know exactly what I want know and I have dedicated my life to it. You see society wants certain things from you. It gives you options. Society needs doctors, nurses, police men, social workers, pilots, bus drivers, factory workers and so on. So the education system is set up to push people in this direction.

All these professions SWAP TIME FOR MONEY.

They want you to show up 8 hours a day for an X amount which you collect at the end of the month. Usually this x number is the same for most people plus minus a few thousand dollars a year.

Now the problem I have with this system and should also make you worried are these:

You have person that is called “a boss” tell you when to stand and when to sit. If you are 4 minutes late to work he will be on your back making you feel like a little naughty schoolkid. You will have to commute in traffic in all weathers to show up at 8 o’clock. You get a break once a year in the summertime if you are lucky and have benefits. You will be away from your family 5 days a week just to meet them exhausted after the workday. You will also give all your energy to build someones else’s dream. You will not get paid extra for your expert advice. No more no less even though your output is more than usual from week to week. If you work harder you will still get paid the same. What is the driving force in doing that?

If you are “lucky” you will get to do this until you are 65 or even 70 here in Iceland. That is if the company doesn’t dispose of you by then. You see you are only as useful as the company feels. If there are hard economic times the company will either fire you or ask that you will take salary cuts instead. But if the company is making more money when there are good times you will not see the benefit of that.

I see this all the time here. People giving their all for 25 years only to be let off when the company hit’s rough patch. Just recently I read about 100 people (mostly women) working labour in a fish factory west of Reykjavik. Suddenly the company was experiencing loss in profits – not going overboad – but profit cuts. Guess what. They decided to moved all the operation to the Capital 200 km away and gave the workers an ultimatum – move with us or we will just find somebody else. Most of the workers had children in schools and had no chance of going to work that far away.

This is what it’s all about. You are nothing to the system. You are only good to them until they don’t need you anymore. You will always be replaceable if you are swapping time for money. There are countless people willing to do that and replace you if you are demanding to much from the company – and the company knows that. You have no power.

Real power is owning your own asset base and having people buy your products. Don’t let people tell you what you are worth. Decide for yourself. Break free from the Matrix and stop being a slave.

Thank you,

Hafsteinn Thordarson /