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How To Value Your Time

Here is one thing you probably didn’t know about me. I am a father of a 16 year old girl. And she is the light of my life.

So I am currently in the making of dinner when I just had one of these Brainflush…err…what you call it Brainstorm – brainwhatever – like a really good idea for an email. I really wanted to share a little bit about me that not many people probably know about. No – it’s not because I feel like I’m special or my story is unique – it’s just that – it’s my story.

We all have backgrounds and I wanted to tell you a little bit of mine – just in case if you were wondering who is sending you these e-mail from Next Step Freedom. First let’s get some facts on the table.

– I’m 39 turning 40 next January.
– I live in Iceland.
– I live with my girlfriend who is Spanish (3 years and counting).
– I have been married / and divorced
– I have lived in 4 countries
– Lost my best friend in a car accident when I was 21
– I have moved locations 37 times in my lifetime (no it’s not a joke). That’s almost once a year. Yes there are many reasons for that – but too long to go into in this short email – but in short you can blame it on a lousy housing marketing with a bit of an adventure-seeking genotology.
– I’m an educated graphic designer and been working almost non-stop since 2002.
– Started internet marketing 3 years ago.
– Love to travel.
– Don’t smoke.
– Love movies, technology, music, skiing, road-trips and most of all – spending time with my daughter.
– Like taking walks in old cemetaries to calm down and meditate (during daytime).
– I like eating blueberries.

Ok awesome.

The other reason I wanted to write to you is because I feel like I’m at a bit of a turning point in life. No there is nothing dramatic happening actually. I can’t say that I’m having a mid-life crisis yet (little bit too early maybe?) but I feel like things around me are changing. People I know are getting older…like visually and unmistakebly. I look in the mirror and I can see my body has changed a bit in the last year. I am in rather good shape as I try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise a little bit.

All the same nothing can beat Father Time.

I can always remember my mom telling me when I was 16 years of age as she was driving me to a friend and on the way somehow the conversation was suddenly about lifeplans and the future and she said “time will speed up after 25”. I just smiled at her like teenagers usually do when they feel like their parents are being a little bit silly.

But – she was right.

At 25 you actually feel like on the top of the world – the whole future is a head, life is probably about studying or working and then partying in the weekends. Then you turn 30 and it’s a bit of a shocker but you are still young – you still have single friends that haven’t had children and that are maybe willing to join in on your plans.

At 35 you realize that (if you are lucky) that you are maybe in half-time in your journey through this world. Sure we could turn 90 like my grandfather did just days ago from writing this email – but can you really count on it?

When you are 39 like me you stop and realize that time is ticking and you were 25 just yesterday.  Last year was just another one added to this number we call age – and boy did it go by fast.

I started late in the online game – at 36. I’ve come a long way since then – but I still wonder – what if I would have woken the F**K up earlier – let’s say 29 – were I could be today.
That said – I am happy that I did eventually – because so many people don’t and just continue on without ever taking action. Whatever age you are in I want to say to you this : Start taking action today. It’s never too late in my opinion – but the sooner you start – the earlier you will enjoy the benefits.

The reason I’m doing this is – because I don’t want to wait until 65 to really start living my live.

I want to secure my freedom financially.
I want more free time with my family.
I don’t want to worry about the next crash of the economy.
I want to travel

This is just a few reasons that fuel me every day. And every day I’m getting closer. I don’t feel like I’m too late. I just wished I started sooner.

If you are younger then me – let’s say 29 – I envy you.

You have 10 years on me. More than enough to retire forever.

Start to value your time and start building your early retirement.

Thank you for your time,
Hafsteinn Thordarson /