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How To Use Tailwind For Pinterest

I started making money online with Kindle Publishing in 2016 as a way to generate passive income. Even though I find Kindle Publishing a great way to start an online business I soon realized that it should only be a starting point to generate more sources of income.

What I am in the process of doing is building my blog which is supposed to be the core of my business.


Many people believe that blogs are outdated and all the hype today is YouTube videos, Podcasts, Facebook Ads and Instagram. These are all good solid ways of generating web traffic for your business and should by all means be a part of your tools.


However they all have one thing in common and it’s the fact that these social media channels are all owned by big companies that set their own terms that me and you have to accept. Algorithms and terms of use can change overnight. There are countless examples of marketers that have built their brands on a platform owned by companies that have suddenly vanished overnight taking away their only income.


I just read post the other day from a guy that is in a Facebook group that shares ideas and tips on making money with audiobooks. He was making around $15,000 a month until suddenly something changed in the algorithm of the search engine. He said he was expecting his income to drop 9x because of this.


It’s these stories that have taught me that the only real online asset you can create by yourself and isn’t controlled by somebody else is a blog with a healthy amount of organic traffic and folllowers. The only thing that you are really dependent on when it comes to a blog is your hosting provider and usually that is not a big thing to worry about.


But the thing with blogs (as with many other mediums) is that it can take some time to generate organic traffic from search engines. Having organic traffic to your blog is the holy grail of internet marketing. It’s like having a lot of customers come to your store spending money without having to advertise.

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Even though I knew I would have to show some patience before my blog would take of organically I wanted to find a way to “help” my blog a little bit by using other methods.

That’s when I stumpled upon Make Money Blogging for Beginners that was created by a couple named Alex and Lauren. After watching a few of their videos and seeing the sales page recognized that they were teaching something that was working out for their blog and something that I wasn’t aware of yet. They were using a social media platform to drive traffic to their blog to fill in the gap while their blog was generating organic traffic.

The name of the social media platform was PINTEREST. That actually astonished me as I (and probably many other people) thought that Pinterest was just another hipster social medium where you could look at beautiful interiors, fashion clothes and ideas for baby shower cakes. To my surprise the course taught me that people where actually driving a lot of web traffic from Pinterest to their blogs with great results. I also realised that Pinterest is not actually a social medium but rather a very powerful search engine that can be utilised to fuel your blog with targeted web traffic that can potentially generate a lot of money if done right.

What the course has taught me is to write my own blogpost around keywords that people on PInterest are looking for. There are plentyful of people searching each day on how to make money online especially with their blogs.

What I’m doing with my Pinterest channel is to create “pins” that are basically images with some text (my keyword phrase for my blogpost) and pinning them on my channel. When people search for the keyword phrases on Pinterest some of my pins will show up. If people like what they see they will perhaps click on the pin and be redirected to my blog. This is a great way to get targeted traffic for your blog that can potentially become customers later on. The best part is that the traffic is organic and free.

There is only one catch. Pinning can get tiresome if you have to do it 3-4 times a day which is what is recommended if you want to keep a steady flow of traffic to your site.

This is where Tailwind comes in. Tailwind is a web-application that can schedule your Pinterest post with regular intervals so you don’t have to be spending time on things that can be automated. Tailwind allows you to easily select the pins you have created (and also pins from other people) and scheduled them ahead of time. The application analyses your Pinterest channel and finds the best times to show your pins.

I will maybe do a full-on review later on the Tailwind application but for this blogpost I just want to tip you off on how useful it is and even essential for your blog if you want to start seeing immediate traffic generated to your blog or website.

I started following my Pinterest plan with Tailwind in the beginning of June and as you can see in the image below my viewers on Pinterest went up from almost zero up to nearly 11,000 in two months. My pins engaged 221 user which meant they either saved the pin to their board, repinned it or clicked on it and went to my website.

How to grow your blog traffic with Tailwind
How to grow your blog traffic with Tailwind

The positive thing about this is that this is happening on autopilot without you having to do any manual work. As you can see the curve goes a bit down afterwards and that is because I have been on holidays in Spain and haven’t been scheduling pins like I should have in nearly all of July.

I can just imagine where my traffic would be if I had continued to shedule 5-10 pins a day!

Want to use Tailwind for free for one month? As I have been using Tailwind for a while now I got a special invite link for you to try Taildwind for free for one month. Redeem it here.