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How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

While there are many options today to get free juicy traffic to your blog with social media I think one of them is many times overlooked, namely Pinterest.

Even though I still feel that the best way to get traffic to your blog is via organic searches with Google I’m always looking for ways to boost the exposure of my blog. I’m not huge on spending my money on paid traffic as I kind of want my content to provide it for me for free. Doesn’t everyone? I use my Instagram account and of course Facebook but recently I noticed that what many bloggers love today is Pinterest. The thing is most people mistake this platform as just another social medium but in reality Pinterest is a very powerful search engine that focuses on images or so called pins. When you are focusing on platforms to use to drive free traffic to your blog the trick is to try to find where your target audience is hanging out. So even though Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Forums, Email lists etc are all great to drive free traffic, you really only should be focusing on one or maximum of two methods. It’s better to do one thing good rather than running around all over the place like a headless chicken. Do one thing well instead of spreading your energy all over.

The benefits of Pinterest are that the demographic audience is built up of good income earners that are ready to purchase. People who like the “Work from home” and “Make money online” niches seem also to spend a lot of time on Pinterest. The “Viral” potentiality of posts (pins) is also really high and combine that with the fact that pins stay searchable for a long time, you start to see why this is a great tool to drive traffic to your blog.

So check if you audience (target market) is spending time on Pinterest. If it does then read on!


Pinterest Feed

The first thing you should do is to create a Pinterest account if you don’t already have one. It’s very easy if you have for example a Facebook account then you can use that to login. It’s quite basic and easy and when you have finished it you can log in and you will be presented with your homepage or the “feed” of pins of people you follow on Pinterest. A little bit like Facebook. In the top right corner you can go into your profile. What I highly recommend is to create a Pinterest business account. That way you get access to the analytics of how your pins are doing and get a clearer idea of the traffic your getting. You can create a business account by going to

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Also you should not mix your personal interest with your business account. Stick with what will only be relevant to your target market.

Next step and an important one is to verify your website/blog. This must be done so Pinterest can recognize your blog and the pins you post. This is easily done under Claim website in the My profile section.

Claim website
Claim your website for Pinterest

You will be presented with some metadata that you have put into the header of your blog website. Now unless you are extremely confident with coding I suggest you download the plugin SEO for your WordPress site. It only takes seconds to download it and activate. You are using WordPress for your blog right? Well I am…because it just makes sense. Paste the metadata into the Pinterest confirmation box as shown below.

Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO

The next step is also very important. Rich pins. It’s probably the one thing you can do on Pinterest that is going to boost your success is to enable them. They increase the authority of your pins and channel and give you a better chance to brand you pins with Product Rich Pins, Recipe Rich Pins or what we are mostly focusing on Article Rich Pins. They give you a better option when it comes to branding your pin with a bold header, meta description and even the author name. So how do you enable Rich Pins? Like before the are ways to do it manually by going into the code but recommend by just going into the Yoast SEO settings in WordPress again and enable Add Open Graph meta data under the Facebook tab. Yes Facebook tab 🙂

Facebook Open Graph
Facebook Open Graph

That’s it. Your are now ready to go publishing your rich pins to your Boards and hopefully drive a ton of new traffic to your blog! Happy pinning.