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How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Things Done

I guess at some point everybody is guilty of procrastinating daunting tasks. If there is a deadline far away down the road we tend to sink into our comfort zone until it dawnes upon us that we are running out of time. But how to stop procrastinating and get things done?

It’s a fact that sometimes we are working on things that are not as important as they should be. We tend to choose tasks that are easier to manage but still make us feel like we are being productive as long as we are working on something. But are these tasks really to your benefit? Would working on other tings make us more productive and really make it possible to reach our goals sooner? How to stop procrastinating and get the important things done?

Even though I depend greatly on technology I still feel that keeping a simple notebook is the best way to list down things that are important but seem too big to start on. I simply write down the tasks that I was going to “finish to tomorrow”. Writing things down also records the them into the sub-conscience and makes it easier to remember later on. A good list would be five of these tasks. The goal is to work on one of these things every day.

Now decide a time to work on the list and try to focus. Don’t go on social media or look at news sites. One of my best rules for productivity is to not read news online while I’m having my workday. It seems very innocent to quickly scan the headlines, but believe me, minutes turn into hours very soon. Also putting my phone on silence has helped me.

Like I wrote in my former blog post Why You Should Overcome Perfectionism we can’t overthink things to the point that the steps seem too big to take. This was something that really kept me back in the past because I was too caught up in what other people might be thinking if I did this or that. Like a YouTube video. It’s ok if you suddenly have to cough or something – as long as I’m helping people, giving them value and making an effort. It doesn’t have to be perfect. And if it’s horrible then just try again or edit it. Don’t get caught up in details.

Finishing tasks that I have postponed also makes me feel great. Try to look at the outcome if you complete these tasks. Less stress and anxiety over these things.

Sometimes the reason we procrastinate is that it involves maybe people that we have a hard time confronting. Talk to them. What is the worst possible outcome? Probably minor setback.

Procrastination is probably one of the major things that could hold you back in personal life and business. Knowing how to deal with it will boost your confidence and prosperity.

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Laptop Income Stream