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How To Make Money On Pinterest

How to make money on Pinterest
How to make money on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the most popular websites in the world. Millions of people log in every day. As a marketer interested in learning How To make Money On Pinterest, try these simple steps I’ve laid out.

Pinterest is an image-based search engine. People set up accounts there and upload images they like.

These are called pins.

These images are shared with their followers through the Pinterest feed.

People set up accounts there and upload images they like. These are called pins. These images are shared with their followers through the Pinterest feed.

When you log in to Pinterest, you see pinned images from the people you follow. When other people follow you, they see pins you’ve posted.

It’s a great way to share photos and other images.

People love the idea and now there are approximately 250 million monthly users worldwide.

How to make money with Pinterest
Pins from people that I follow on Pinterest.

Millions of social-mediated sales are driven through Pinterest by users clicking on pins. I wanted to be able to do that too.

The process of how to make money on Pinterest isn’t difficult at the basic level. The first thing though is to get a simple system up and running.

The basis of Pinterest is a user account. After that, you will need a business page.

This is simple to get, but the mechanism for doing so changes as they update the Pinterest platform.

When you first make your account, simply look around for the wording which lets you create a business page.

Give your page a name that coincides with your business.

Perhaps you’re an affiliate who sells tours to Hawaii. You already have a website. You would give your Pinterest page a similar name.

I’m going to use (not a real site), as an example. On Pinterest, you give your business page a similar name. Use graphics similar to your site on your business page.

That way, your visitors won’t be confused.

Pins on Pinterest are organized into boards. Each board is like a folder on your computer and the pictures go into that folder.

Each board needs a name and this is your opportunity to add in some keywords.

If your Pinterest business page was named Awesome Hawaii, you could have boards called Hawaiian Tours, Beautiful Hawaiian Flowers, Hawaiian Nightlife, Authentic Luaus, and more Hawaii based ideas.

Pinterest boards
Boards on my Pinterest channel.

These boards are where you are going to upload your images. When you upload an image, give it a good description and add in the URL of your website page. That way, when anyone clicks on that image, they are going to be taken to your site to see your tour packages.

It sounds more complicated than it is. Here’s the process step by step.

  • Create a page on your website about tours in Hawaii.
  • Create a Pinterest account and a business page.
  • Give your business page a name similar to your website.
  • Create and name a board about Hawaiian tours.
  • Upload an image and make sure it’s tagged with your website page about tours.

That’s it.

When you have some images uploaded, follow other users and like their pins. They will like yours and that’s the beginning of how you get visitors to your Pinterest page.

Once the visitors come to your page, they click on your images and go to your website. They read about and purchase Hawaiian tour packages from you.

It does take some doing to set all this up at the beginning.

But once that part is done you can concentrate your efforts on uploading images tagged with your website.

The truth is learning how to make money on Pinterest is simple.

If you keep on going once you’ve started, you’re going to have an easy to use automated traffic machine driving potential buyers to your website.

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