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How To Have More Energy And Be More Productive

I’ts a fact that many of us have trouble finding energy and motivation to achieve our goals and fulfill our dreams. I want to help you with that.

There is no beating around the bush. Let’s face it, whether it’s starting your own online business or achieving something great in life, it’s going to require hard work and dedication to get there. But sometimes it’s like we are fighting an uphill battle. We feel exhausted, out of time, out of ideas and without motivation. What can you do to start having more energy and being more productive so you can take those steps towards your goals?

Now I want to share some of my experience along with some tips on what I think can help you be more energized, become more productive and feeling better overall in your daily life. I used to be like probably many other people when it came to my daily routine. I would wake up, grab some breakfast and hurry up to work. I would usually fill my body with unhealthy food, complain about a lot of things and feeling unfulfilled in life. I’m not saying my life was bad but it felt like I was in a state of mediocre, not growing, not building, not taking care of my body and not knowing exactly what my true goal in life was. I would blame others about¬†all the negative stuff happening in my life (which seemed to be more than the positive) and constantly complain about things and circumstances that I thought were effecting my life.

For a long time I would just go through life thinking this was a natural state of living, that I was not in control of circumstances and that everything that would happen to me in life was something I deserved – written in the stars. I would believe that I was only worth a certain X amount of dollars a month working that 9-5 job, that I could never achieve anything great and my true dreams would never come true. This was something that I had told myself because this was something that was considered “normal” in society. That wanting more would be considered crazy. I would think too much about other people’s opinions and what they would think of me if I truly wanted to change and really go after what I wanted.

Now as I became older and got more involved in personal development I realized that all my frustration and current situation is basically just the results of my actions in the past. This was a huge revelation for me and not an easy thing to swallow. I used to be very stubborn and feeling strong in my opinions and would have a hard time having anyone telling me something that I deemed wrong. But I was so tired of myself always feeling negative, always feeling like the world was not fair to me and like things would never seem to work out fully for me that I finally became honest with my emotions. When I looked closely and examined my actions and my past I could not deny that my current situation was 99% the results of what I did in the past. It’s so much easier to want to blame other people for our mistakes or failures but it always comes down finally to how we respond to other people and what action we decide to take. What kind of mindset you set in motion in response to the universe. When I decided to take responsibility for my emotions I could almost immediately start seeing positive changes. Now, you might ask, what is it to take responsibility for your own emotions? I would say that it’s first and foremost to be aware of them and how you respond to them. If you are aware of your mindset and how it can effect your action then I would say you are halfway on your path to controlling your emotions. You will not believe how much it will change your life to the better when you start analyzing your emotions in response to circumstances in your life. So many people think that they can’t control their emotions. Wrong! You just have to look at your emotions and decide what you are going to do with them.

I’m not a believer in over-night success and big changes in a short time. Of course it happens but I have a strong believe that if you want permanent changes in your life then you don’t need to rush. Why do you think so many ¬†people go on a “diet” and finally give up after two weeks? Because they want a quick-fix and they don’t really want to change their life. I believe in small but lasting changes implemented over time. One of the causes of my frustration in the past that I was constantly having headaches and feeling irritated all the time. I wouldn’t think much of it often but one day I said to myself that something had to be wrong. It was not normal to feeling sleepy all the time, having headaches and being irritated so often. I decided to take responsibility of my well-being and became honest with myself and started looking at what I was doing to fuel my situation. Not what someone else was doing to me. When I finally got to it then it was quite simple really. I was simply feeding junk to my body. The saying that “we are what we eat” is more or less true. If you eat junk your body will turn into junk. The body is just a machine that has to be lubricated with the right materials. I was giving it a lot of low-quality oils like fast-food, coke, refined-sugar and just overall low-quality food. I would feel hungry and with low bloodsugar and I would feed it with junkfood or a snickerbar and I would feel good for about 30 min until my bloodsugar crashed and then I would get the “sugar-headache” and feeling low and irritated. This would mostly happen in the afternoon when I would need this extra-boost to finish my workday.

It was obvious to me that I would have to try something new and start making some changes in my diet. But I knew that if I would turn everything around in one day I would slowly just fall into the old pattern. So I took a decision to start to respect my body more than I had done before. Before I used to want to make changes quickly and probably like most people I would want instant gratification. That would rarely seem to work for the long-run so now I have taken up a new approach. First of all I tell myself that if I truly want to change something in my life it’s going to for the years to come…not for weeks. I tell myself that this can take time but with small but firm steps I will be able to change things to the better with time. So instead of starting a complete new diet on a monday I rather remove one small part of my diet and replace it with something healthier. Nothing drastic. Just a small change. Example. I removed sugar sodas completely out my diet. I used to drink up to 1 liter of them a day. Not good. I replaced them with lemon water and ice. Yeah I know – a bit different. If you are not used to lemon water then don’t expect to be thrilled with the first taste. It tastes sour. But it get’s better and after about 3-4 weeks I was loving it. I just focused on this one thing without changing anything else in my diet. Out with soda and in with lemon water. I can’t say I’m a fitness guru or have a special interest in diets or nutrition so don’t get me wrong. I did this because I wanted to start feeling better. My body was so used to get this sugar that at first it was like I was trying to get off somekind of drug. I felt really bad. Headache of my life-time. But that was just one day. I slowly started to feel better and more balanced throughout the day. Nothing spectacular just more balanced. I could see that this had an impact and at that point I knew that my state of health and well-being was largely effected by what I would put in my diet.

People say that you have to do something consistently for 21 days before it comes a habit and that probably has some truth to it. It’s been about a year now and I still have not switched back to coke, pepsi or some of these drinks. I do however sometime “cheat” if there is a special occasion but then we are talking about maybe once a month versus 50 times like before. It’s probably best for you to accept that you will slip or make mistake once in a while but just be aware that it is not going to break you. We all fall down sometime so it’s just better to stand up and keep moving. After I was able to make this switch I moved on to the next one and completely removed all snickerbars and candy also. That turned out to be much easier. When you start eating healthier than you feel like eating more healthier. You don’t have the same craving for sweets as before once you get used to healthier options. Then I moved on to try to reduce as much of processed foods in my diet and replacing it with “cleaner” food like fish, chicken, eggs, vegetables and fruits. Now this is a big one but this has happened slowly for me over time. I’m just more aware of it now and it doesn’t feel “hard” to make the switch. It’s easier when you start with one thing and grow over time, become more healthier and you actually want to start incorporating more and more healthier options into your diet.

Another thing that helps to recharge my batteries and have more energy is doing some outdoor activities. Your body needs somekind of exercise and running my online business requires me to sit in front of my laptop for long periods. It’s very easy to feel drained and stiff in your body after long hours so I feel it’s very important to get some kind of exercise. I have never been much of a gym-lover but I have always liked taking long-walks, hiking, swimming and playing basketball. In my opinion physical exercise doesn’t have to cost money and you can do many things on your own even in your house without taking up your wallet. I live in Iceland were the weather can be bad but often it’s very good and not that cold actually. It can be windy but warm. The temperature ranges from 20-50 Fahrenheit in the winter so it’s not cold like in Canada or Siberia maybe. But we are lucky to have very fresh air, good warm swimming pools and beautiful nature that is exciting to explore so I try to do as much as I can going outside be it summer or winter. During the winter we have short daylight and it can be a real challenge to stay motivated and upbeat all the time so I feel it’s extra important to get out and move my body to get the endorfin flowing recharge the batteries. It doesn’t always require me to go hiking for 8 hours. Usually going outside for a 30-40 min walk in a windy weather can be really refreshing and I feel supercharged when I come back to my office having raised my pulse a little bit by taking a fast-paced walk. At home I do a mix of push-ups, sit-ups, squats and stretching just to try to keep my muscles in shape. Nothing dramatic but enough to feel healthier, fit and ready to take on the day.

The last part I want to talk about that I feel is a big part in having success in anything is creating goals, making plans and knowing why you want to achieve that goal. Most people want to make money online but they don’t know why they want it. When I started online I wanted to start generating income that I could scale so I would not have to worry paying the bills. I have seen so many people at mid-age loosing their jobs and struggling when they really should be enjoying their lives. People getting disposed of after years of service to a company only to be thrown away when it didn’t need them anymore. I decided that it was something I would not want to experience in my life. I have had all kinds of bosses and most of the time I have felt like I was being under-appreciated for my work. I would think I was not getting paid enough and many times I have had to worry about getting paid on time. So for me the “why” was that I wanted more security in my life. I don’t need the Ferrari or the Mansions, I just wanted to pay the bills. Everything extra would be a bonus.

When you know why you want to do something or achieve something it’s so much easier to strive for it than if you are just doing it because. Decide what is your reason and the build a plan on how you are going to get it. This is were so many people fail. It’s so simple but yet so many seem to struggle with it. It’s the reason 97% of people fail making money online because they are just dabbling with it. They don’t really want it. They just kind of want it. They don’t know what they really want and therefore they can’t make a plan to achieve it. So know your why, make a plan and go and follow it.

I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on this subject and I hope you got value from reading this post. If you did then please leave a comment as I’m interested in hearing your opinions and what you are going through in your life.

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom

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