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How to grow and conquer any obstacle on your journey to success

I decided to make a post about how to overcome and conquer obstacles and problems on your way to reach whatever goal you set yourself.

We all know how it is to be bombarded with information when learning new stuff or trying something different to what we are used to right? I was no different. You can probably say that I was childish for that matter – that when I was trying something for the first time or learning a new thing – I would throw in the towel as soon as things didn’t go perfect or I saw that I wasn’t able to get the grips of it soon enough. I would get frustrated and angry and blame everything except myself for the outcome and try to find excuses of why I didn’t reach my goal. The reason for this I guess is that I was maybe that I never really committed to the job.

When I started online in the beginning of 2015 I decided to take things differently. I took a conscience decision about taking it step by step and not rush it. I knew that getting results would take time and that’s why I decided to make my online business and my journey a life-time investment. Everything I would learn, every new skill I acquired would be an investment in myself for the long-road. Every new obstacle I encountered was a small piece in a big puzzle that would have to be conquered – and believe me – there are plenty of them in an online business. People often experience something that we call “information overload” and they get frustrated and give up on them selves. Most often people are afraid of trying new things. Like my grandmother – who I was teaching how to use her new iMac and Facebook. Often I get the feeling that she things her computer is going to blow up if she does something wrong. But I’m always encouraging her to experiment and don’t be afraid – nothing is going to happen.

I’ll admit it – even though I have a background as a graphic designer where computer programs run the show – starting online and seeing all the new things that I had to learn was challenging. That’s why I changed my mindshift a little like I said earlier. Look at all problems and obstacles in your road like a “growing opportunity”. Even though it may look boring or not exciting a bit – like setting up a Paypal button or uploading to FTP. I dare you – make this exciting for yourself! Decide that you are going to love this stuff and I promise you that you will have so much valuable knowledge in 6 months – 1 year that you already gotten 80% further on your way to success than all your friends that are going to music festivals or playing Playstation.

Imagine being able to whip up a website in 5-10 min with a payment system, create videos, podcasts, blog posts and write killer sales copy. That my friend is what makes people millionaires. Deciding to learn things and DO things that most people just don’t bother with. Why do you think the rich people are kalled the “1%” ? Is it because 1% of the world’s population is born with a silver spoon in their mouth? No. We’ll some of them of course. But most of them became the 1%. The 1% were the people that didn’t give up, took action and followed through. Many of us don’t like to talk about the 1%. I was one of them. But that changed when somebody said to me “Hafsteinn – these people were the 1% that had a dream and TOOK ACTION – who are you to judge?” I took this advice and changed my way of thinking. If somebody is successful I try to learn from them. I don’t give energy to envy and self-loathing. Same should you. Stop finding excuses and find solutions. If you are not in a place you want to be – start changing it today. Start learning new things and start to love them. If you always loathed the thought about blogging or setting up a wordpress site with FTP – make your self love it. Shift your thinking. If you love playing PlayStation – make your mind stop want to do that and start making it love doing new things.

It’s no coincidence that online marketing, internet marketing or whatever you want to call it is closely connected to the self-improvement niche. Frank Kern, Tony Robbins, Grant Cardone, Russel Brunson, Dan Kennedy, Rich Schefren and many more run multi-million dollar coaching businesses online. These aren’t guys that graduated from Harvard. They decided to acquire new skills and apply them while growing as a persons and then sharing their knowledge and charging top-dollar for it. When you achieve success you will want to share it and people will start to follow you. People will notice your changes. When you decide to start working on your future and invest in it then it’s inevitable that you will grow personally as professionally as long as you stick to it, are consistent and admit that this if for life and not just dabbling around.

Thank you,

Hafsteinn Thordarson /