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How To Deal With Fear

Fear. Let’s admit it we all experience it at some time in both our personal life and business. But how to deal with fear?

Let’s get one thing straight. All people have fears. It’s something that has helped us survive through the ages and made us evolve. Fear is one of the things that keep ourselves on track and can be the difference between life and death. That is a completely normal human emotion. But some people get so caught up in their own fear that it keeps them away from ever having any real success. Whether it’s starting their online business, starting a new career, asking a girl on a date or whatever change they want to make in life.

Most people will not explain what is the cause of their fear because it can be really hard for them to admit to themselves what the real reason is for this fear. Most often is the reason is not as serious as they have led themselves to believe. But we sometime feel like it’s easier to just go along with our fear than it is to really face it and look at what is really bothering us.

Before I launched my first product I was really stressed and afraid of how it was going to do. But I decided to try to analyze what was the real reason for my fear and when I really looked at it the reason was that I was afraid of other peoples thoughts and reaction if the product failed or didn’t sell. I’ve had both success and failures with my launches. I noticed that with my failures then people didn’t make fun of me. What I did realise though that I learned a lot from these failures and how not to do them again..

Our minds sometime trick us into believing that the outcome will be the absolute worst if we decide to take a certain action. Sure it’s good to evaluate the worst possible imagined outcome if you decide to take action, build a business, get married, quit your job or whatever that is your true desire. It’s always good to look at all of the possibilities. But the truth is that the worst scenario is most often not the outcome and if it is then it’s something you can really learn from and be a good experience to have in the future. You decided to take action – something that the majority of people is too afraid of. You did something. Maybe it was not a success but you took action. Let me tell you. There is always something positive in doing that. Even though maybe you feel like you have failed then there are probably a lot of small outcomes from the action you took that is going to be of value to you. We learn by applying. You don’t learn to swim without getting into the pool.

Fear is something that can’t be avoided but you can control fear. If you are aware of  your fear than you are already on your way to control it. When you feel like you want to do a certain thing but you feel like something is holding you back, take step back and really ask yourself what is the real reason for it? If you are able to pinpoint the cause it’s much easier to evaluate the obstacle in your path and overcome it. You will find that in most cases our fears are not reasonable and easily overcomed. And even though we do not always succeed with our actions then there are always some good things that come out of taking action and always something new to learn from.

To your success,

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom

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