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How to Create A Social Media Strategy in 7 Steps

Social Media Strategy

Using social media has become one of the most effective methods of promoting a business, brand, or an individual for marketers and entrepreneurs today.

With a social media strategy, it is possible to drastically expand your online reach while garnering followers and prospective customers, depending on your niche and the audience you want to reach.

Creating a successful social media strategy is one way to boost your chances of generating leads and sales while providing you with a new platform to connect and communicate with those who have a genuine interest in following and supporting you.

Get to Know Your Audience

One of the most important elements of creating a social media strategy that I keep in mind is getting to know my audience.

If I am unable to determine the wants and needs of my target audience, it becomes increasingly difficult to create content, promotions, and sponsored posts that resonate with followers and new users on social media.

Spend time researching the demographics you want to target.

Consider the age range, gender, location, and even special interests your target audience has in common with one another.

How does your product, service, or brand help them in their everyday lives?

How do you intend to reach your prospective audience with the use of social media?

Are you looking to appeal to a local region of users or do you want to build a brand that is international?

Streamline Your Brand’s Social Media Pages

Social media strategy

Streamline your brand’s social media pages before going live, sharing content, and launching new marketing campaigns via platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Streamlining your brand’s social media pages involves choosing the same page name (or URL), uploading the same logo, and implementing graphics or color schemes that best reflect the overall aesthetic of your brand or business.

Using the same graphics, names, and formatting with each of your social media pages is a way to prevent users from feeling confused when searching for your business on alternative platforms they use themselves.

Content is King

Content is still king when it comes to building an audience and spreading the word of a brand online.

Craft engaging, informative, high-quality unique content that represents your business or brand while delivering a message to your target audience.

Research popular trends, keywords, and phrases in your brand’s niche using tools such as Google Trends.

Share content across multiple social media platforms simultaneously using tools such as Hootsuite for maximum efficiency.

The Importance of Attractive Graphics, Photographs, and Videos

As an online brand, you only have one opportunity to make a positive and lasting impression on prospective followers and customers.

With social media users viewing hundreds of ads each day, utilizing professional graphics, photos, animations, and videos are essential to grab the attention fo those you want to reach.

When a promotion appears unattractive, outdated, or simply incompatible with the brand you are building, it becomes increasingly difficult to captivate an audience while convincing them to learn more about the products, services, or content you offer.

Use A/B Testing When Launching Campaigns

Social media strategy

One of the benefits of using social media platforms such as Facebook is the ability to utilize A/B testing.

A/B testing is the process of launching multiple campaigns simultaneously while only tweaking a bit of each individual ad you plan to share.

Testing different imagery, language, and CTAs (calls-to-action) help to determine which method of communication is the most likely to drive traffic to your official website or garner new followers on your social media pages.

I use A/B testing to also help prevent overspending on campaigns that are not guaranteed to deliver the results I desire.

Tweak Campaigns Based on Results

Tracking and monitoring analytic reports is a way to gain valuable insight into the wants and needs of your followers and target audience.

After launching campaigns and using A/B testing, make small tweaks to drastically increase viewership and the number of followers you receive.

Create a Sense of Community Among Your Social Media Followers

I am extremely adamant about building a sense of community among my social media followers.

It allows me to easily connect with those who have questions or simply want to learn more about what I have to offer.

Creating a sense of community among your social media followers is possible by responding directly, openly, and honestly with users who have questions, comments, or concerns.

Showcasing transparency and authenticity goes a long way when building a brand with the use of social media.

Showcasing transparency and authenticity goes a long way when building a brand with the use of social media.

With the right social media strategy, outperform your competition, maximize your online reach, and solidify your brand’s place in any market or niche, regardless of your surrounding competition.

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