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How To Brand Yourself

One of the most important things to start taking the right steps to a new life, new success and build a business online is to brand yourself. But how do you start? I decided to make a short blogpost about it as I’m in the middle of it myself.

If your aim is to become successful and make money then your goal should be to brand yourself. You want to have as much exposure as you can online and on social media to be able to collect leads and prospects into your business. You want people to recognize you and connect to you and for that you want to have a good face and front to your operation.

Let’s face it, people’s trust is based on authority and being established. People are maybe going to like your YouTube page even though the name of it is CrazyDude034 but don’t expect to gain people’s trust and expect them to hand over money to you. You want to come up with a brand or a name that reflects trust and demands respect.

A good place to start is to come up with a name you could use as a URL for your website or blog. A good place to start is this Business Name Generator. I used it to find my business name. When I chose mine I wanted to have the name Freedom in it but I didn’t know what more. The good thing about this site is that you can put in a word and it finds good domains that are available for purchase with the word in it.

After you have found a name that suits your new business you should go to and buy it. It only costs $9.99 usually for .com’s. When that is done you have laid the most important groundwork. Having your own domain is what builds huge trust and authority to your audience. The next step in my opinion is to get a logo done. You can get some decent designs on but if you would like something more professional I recommend

Then it’s a good idea to get a blog started, get a YouTube channel going, Instagram, Pinterest, SnapChat Periscope and use your name and logo in all these places. Now don’t worry. I know that this seems a lot but you just want to create these accounts. Try to use the name of your new business as a username or name of the channels and pages. You will add content later and I will show you how you can re-use content across your social media accounts.

In the meantime you can start by posting some inspiration or motivational imagery and a few thoughts. Maybe even a video of yourself and your life. The point of this is for people to get to know you. You have to open up to people a little bit for them to start to trust you. Then later on you can make business with them.

I recently changed my branding from Laptop Income Stream into Next Step Freedom. The reason for this is that some of the big tech companies really don’t like the “make money online” businesses and “work from home”. I was having trouble getting my Facebook ads accepted and it came down to the name of my business page “Laptop Income Stream”. If there are certain trigger words your ads will be rejected and you could actually get your ad account banned if you are unlucky.

This made me think about my brand and if it was to narrow and “shabby”. When I think about it “Laptop Income Stream” smells a little bit too “fishy” or like some kind of “Get Rich Quick Scheme”. And Facebook doesn’t like that. Also my site is not only supposed to be about money and online business but also self improvement, motivation and helping other people achieve their goals. So I came up with “Next Step Freedom” as I think this is all about taking the step to the next level so you can have financial freedom and freedom of time.

Start branding yourself today. The first step is to come up with a name. Then use the method I mentioned to see if the domain name is available. If it is then get it and you are on your way! Hit me up with questions if you have any doubts or concerns. I’m here to help.

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom