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How I Made $666.05 Online in July 2018 With Self-Publishing

In this blogpost I want to share my progress with my Self-Publishing business and how I made $666.05 in July 2018 selling my own books online.


Even though my blog is mainly focused on helping those who want to make money with one, I do tie in other methods available that I deem fit for those starting out. I have talked before about why I think Self-Publishing should be one of your income streams and if you are interested then check out my blogpost I did on it.


The point of this blogpost is not to brag or feed my ego – it’s about documenting my progress, hold my self accountable and maybe even inspire others to do the same. And of course $666.05 is probably nothing to be bragging about anyway – but still it is always welcoming to make some money online – specially if it’s passive income!

It’s my favorite.


I just recently made my first income with my blog as I haven’t been actively pursuing a blogging business in the past. However I have been doing self-publishing on Amazon for two years now, so I am a more seasoned marketer when it comes to publishing online. It has made me money consistently now every month since February 2016. There has been months where I didn’t work anything on my publishing business and still it made some money. But of course the more input I put into it the more comes back.


From the summer of 2017 and until January 2018 I took a break from it – why I don’t know exactly – I was a little bit disheartened as I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. But in February 2018 I started again by investing more money into quality books and trying new tactics.


What I started doing was making longer books. I had been doing simple little ebooks that were only about 5,000 words. They were not of good quality and from freelance writers that sometimes weren’t even native english speakers. And yes – I do outsource the writing of my books in case you are wondering! I’m not a writer and never will be. I’m a marketer and online entreprenuer buillding my business and therefore I pay pay people to do work for me instead of spending my time on something I’m not good at.


There are professional ghostwriting companies available online that will write a quality book for you for a good price. Some are better than others and I’m very happy with the company I’m working for right now.


So in the beginning I was doing low quality books (because I couldn’t affort paying for high-quality books) and I actually did make some money in 2016. My best month was around $800. However my books slowly began to lose traction as some of them got bad reviews – because they were simply not that good.


In February 2018 started again after a 6 months break and I began ordering higher quality books that were around 3 times longer (15,000 words) from my ghostwriting company.


But that’s not all. I had my books formatted for both Amazon Kindle and a Createspace paperback version. Paperbacks sell for way more than a Kindle book. A paperback version can be priced anywhere from $10-$20 while the Kindle version is usually $2.99. And to top it I have the book narrated so I can create an audiobook version as well! This way I leverage my book production and potentially tripple my income from just one book.


With audiobooks it’s possible to reach another reader market as people who listen to audibooks are different consumer than ebook or paperback readers. People listen to audiobooks in the car, the gym or out running for example. Something that is nearly impossible to do with a Kindle book.


July is usually the worst month when it comes to selling ebooks. I sold 92 ebook units of a total of $137.57 in royalties. That made it actually my slowest month this year. I got an extra $20.50 from KENP reads which means I get a certain amount for every page that is read. Not much but still a little bit extra. In the picture below you can see my ebook royalties.

Self-Publishing Kindle report


From my paperback versions of my ebooks I got $53.89 in royalties as I only sold 11 units. Not as much as I had hoped for but considering that the costs of having your books converted to paperback is not as expensive as most people think – I am happy about the extra income even though it could be better. Below you can see my sales report. I have blurred out the names of my book simply because profitable keyword research is very competitive and I don’t want to share those as I put in a lot of hard work to obtain them. There is opportunity for everybody but you have to do the work if you want the results!

Self-Publishing Createspace sales report


Now to my favorite. Audiobooks! Boy have I been missing out on some money! In July I made $454.09!!! I have been having my books narrated on and then publishing them on Audible, iTunes and Amazon. This has really boosted my income and was the biggest income of July. The audiobook market has been mostly overlooked by publishers but that is a big mistake in my opinion. This market is growing very fast and I highly recommend being a part of it.

Below is my sales report of July.

Self-Publishing ACX sales report

Self-Publishing ACX sales report


Yes, I know – this all sounds very complicated and technical and you have to know computer programming, be a business graduate and a writer. Not true. It’s actually a simple step-by-step process that I believe anyone can follow. There is just a certain blueprint that you need to follow along with some basic tools. It does require however a small investment in time and money. But the trick is to re-invest your profits to grow your business. That’s what I’m doing to grow my business. Everything goes back into the business. That way I’m able to grow my publishing business exponentially. Compounding baby!


Even though I have started to take my blogging business more seriously lately I haven’t put my publishing business aside. It serves as one of my income stream for my online brand. And the really good thing is that it’s so automated. Amazon takes care of the visitor traffic and the sales process.


I hoped you got some value from this post and maybe it inspires you to start an online business where you can build up your own number of income streams. The sky really is the limit of potential growth with an online business.


And if you want to check out the course that taught me this online income possible then you can check it out here:


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