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How I Added 300 New Email Subscribers For Free In 3 months

As you probably know having your own email list of subscribers and loyal followers is very profitable. But how can you actually build your email list quickly and without spending all your money?

One of the most popular methods to increase a persons email subscribers list is to grab emails with some kind of “hook” or a free gift on blogs for example. You remember the pop-ups that are always showing when you load the page? These are some sort of “bribes” that offer people something of value – most often for free – and in return they hand over their email. This method works for sure (that’s why everybody is using it) and usually doesn’t require and investment (maybe a little initial setup fee).

Another popular way of building your email list is to launch a product and grab the emails at check-out. This requires you to build a product and market it and that usually can take some heavy investment of time, effort and money. Though product launches are definitely something to look into in the long-run then you also want to be using paid alternatives that can get you results very fast.

One of them is Solo Ads. If you are unfamiliar with those they are simple a “solo blast” to an email list. You pay someone who has a big email list to send out your email to their list. You buy a certain number of “clicks” and the email vendor promises to deliver all those clicks to you. It’s up to you to then have a landing page (a web page with an offer or a optin form) that is going to convert to sales or subscribers.

Below is a screenshot of payments sent from my Paypal account since beginning of February 2017. As you can see I have paid a vendor $460 for access to his email list. His subscribers see my email and a percentage decides to click the link in the email that leads them to an optin form. That’s were I get them to sign up to my list.

How to get 300 email subscribers for free
How to get 300 email subscribers for free

When they have opted in to my list they get presented with a video that describes for them a business opportunity (the same as I’m currently involved in). To make sales at this point is considered to be a real success because usually people don’t buy on the point of entry having only seen the offer once and not knowing really who you are (people like to buy from people they trust remember?). If you have the right offer and right target group then there is a high chance of you making sales at this point With this system I have been able to make 1-2 sales almost every time with every 100 clicks purchased which means that I’m getting most of my money back almost right away AND acquiring new subscribers to my list. Check out my return of investment on this system for the same date range:

As you can see I have made $432.78 with this system back and most of it was sold when the visitor saw the offer for the first time. Now here comes the best part. After the visitors opt into your email list then you have the ability to send the follow-up emails were you connect better with them and have the chance to promote the same offer again as long as you want to. That’s actually how I was able to get the $30 that was missing to break even on my purchase. If you purchase 100 clicks and 50 people subscribe to your list that is actually crazy good. Even though you don’t make any sales. Because you make money in the follow-ups and specially higher-priced products and services. In the follow-up email series you can do whatever. You can send them to webinars, to your other products, to affiliate offers, to your YouTube page, your blog etc. It’s considered to be good to get a 35% optin rate and above on your landing page and getting sales on the front end is considered a bonus.

How to get 300 new email subscribers for free
How to get 300 new email subscribers for free

I purchased solo ads for $460 and made the same amount back and got 300 new email subscribers on my email list within these 3 months. Of course I could have spent thousands of dollars on traffic but what I chose to do is to wait to get paid from the system and then use that money to invest back into traffic. It’s slower for sure – but that way I’m not spending more than I’m earning and I have better oversight and control over things. I don’t want to be in the negative ROI and loosing money building my list. I want to build it for free.

If you are considering investing in solo ads then I highly recommend where you can select from hundreds of vendors and the good thing about this site is that you are always covered. Nobody is going to run away with your money. If you are not satisfied then usually things can be worked out. Of course you have to find out which vendor are better than others. That of course also depends on the offer your are promoting. I have spent money on solo ad traffic to a landing page that totally failed because the page was not good. You have to have the right offer to be able to get optins.

In my opinion it’s good to mix things up and do free traffic and paid traffic to get email subscribers. I personally use my blog and YouTube channel to generate traffic but every know and then I invest in paid traffic like Solo ads and Facebook traffic if I want to boost things up.

If you want to see the offer I’m promoting to build my list for free then go here

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