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Goals Setting For 2018

I’m starting the year 2018 by making a list of the 10 goals I want to achieve.

2018 has arrived and I’m still wondering were 2017 went. It’s crazy how fast time flies. I had big hopes for 2017 and overall it was a good year for me. In terms of my online business it wasn’t great but still I made some money. But what I realized just a few days ago was that I hadn’t made any specific goals for myself in 2017. Could I really be disappointed about my efforts if I didn’t really have a specific outcome in my mind? The point is that I didn’t really have any goals to pursue. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted for myself last year.

But you live and learn. Life is about progress and trying to be better than yesterday. Now I decided to write down specific goals I wanted to see for myself. I think it’s important to write them down. Something happens when you do that. It gives it a little bit of life. Moreover if you state your goals publicly it becomes an entity by itself. You raise the bar and put more pressure on yourself if you know that people know about your plans and are following you to see if you achieve them. You become accountable for reaching them and much more likely to follow them through. It’s so much easier to give up your goals when nobody knows about them except you.

I wrote down on paper 10 goals I would like to see by the end of this year at least. The list is as following in no particular order:

1. My first goal after starting my Kindle business (again) was to sell 100 copies of my books in December 2017. Even though this was last year then I still put it on my list as December was my first month promoting my books again after a long break. I’m glad to say that my downloads were 97 – only 3 copies from my goal.

2. My main goal for 2018 is to make at least $1,000 per month passively with my Kindle ebooks. To reach that goal I will have to sell around 500 copies per month. I’m still quite far from that goal but I will do my best to reach this goal in 2018.

3. In the first quarter of 2018 I would like to be making at least $350 per month with Kindle as it would make my publishing business sustainable and pay for my outsourcing completely.

4. In 2018 I am going to create my own morning routine that I’m going to do daily. Most successful people have morning routines they do to prepare themselves for the day ahead. I’m already in the progress of creating one.

5. I am going to read in the morning before going to my work and at least one book each month. I will then review them and do a blogpost / video about how I liked them.

6. I will do monthly goal reports to track the progress of my online business.

7. I will produce at least 8 Kindle ebooks each month.

8. I want to fully automate my Kindle business by the end of the year.

9. I want to save at least $30,000 this year.

10. I’m going to travel to at least two new countries to experience and learn new things.

See the video below for further information:

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