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From Pizza To Online Marketing

I was once a pizza delivery boy way back before going into online marketing.  In cold N-Iceland in a small town.
It wasn’t so bad if you didn’t mind wet feet, cold hands and grumpy customers if their pizza was late. After a couple of years of 12 hour shifts driving pizzas, cutting onions and late night dish washing I knew that I was destined for something more.

I always liked drawing and animation so I decided to go to art school and study graphic design. Turns out it’s easy to put a smile on people with graphics and video.

You see, people seem to respond strongly to visuals. They want to connect with something on screen when you are trying to sell them. Sometimes the only thing needed is a simple text and voiceover – voila! The more “human” the message is the better.

You don’t need to have a background in art school to do video marketing.