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Email Marketing: Why You Have To Get Up Close And Personal

Yes you have probably heard it before about email marketing. The money is in the list. Your email list that is. But talking to people has had me realize that many are getting it wrong.

I month ago I decided really to put focus on my email marketing. I admit that I hadn’t put in a lot of work to it so far. My email marketing mainly sending out affiliate offers to my subscribers. What that meant I was just asking from my subscribers and not giving anything in return. Still I had heard and read so many times that you have to nurture your list.

What does that mean?

Well it pretty obvious that if you are going to make money off your email list then you will have to promote offers to them. But what I was doing (and probably so many others) was just constantly sending (spamming?) my subscribers with promotions with the hope of some of them converting into customers. Sure I made some dollars but with time it kind of faded out and I put my email marketing on hold for a while. This was a year ago and I was realizing that I was abusing my list. Why would anybody be on your email list if the only thing you are going to do is sell to them? Selling is ok but you also have to give them some value in return. You and I should be helping our subscribers getting what they want (in my case starting an online business and making money online) and promote the right offers to them that are going to truly help them along the way to achieve that.

About two months ago I started to really shift my mentality when it came to my business. It wasn’t complicated actually. I just had to stop thinking about me and start thinking about my subscribers. I know it sounds very simple but still I had a hard time facing this fact for the first two years of running an online business. I just didn’t get it. I was too selfish. Being selfish doesn’t get you many places really.

So I sat down and was honest about my business situation. What I had failed to do in the past was to really communicate with my list. For me it had been a too big of a task to write my own email autoresponder follow up series. Writing my own emails felt scary, too much work and plain boring. But do you know what? I decided to make it fun. The first thing I did was to switch to another autoresponder service as I was not happy with my current one. That actually gave me good start because I was instantly happier with my experience dealing with an autoresponder. This is just my personal experience and doesn’t have to apply to anyone else and no I’m not trying to sell you into an affilate offer. When I had a platform with features I really liked I started building the foundation of my new business. I decided to write at least 1 email a day if possible in my new follow up series. Not only that but I decided to become more personal, tell stories and about my experience so far. Not just selling. In fact in my first 6 emails I don’t do any selling. I’m now on day 32 in my autoresponder series and where I have been writing my own value driven emails to help my subscribers and only throwing in promotions every now and then.

My results can be shown below:

Email list building
Email list building

As you can see my opens are increasing. Yes I have grown my list about 30% in one month, it’s not huge at 648, but I can feel the growth of it, more clicks and more responsiveness of it. People are signing up to webinars and I’m getting sales as you can see down below:

iPro success
iPro success

The best part of this is that you put in the work once and it’s there for good. My plan is to write at least a 100 email follow up series (I know people that have up to 6 months of automated follow up campaigns) and then my only work is to get people to sign up to my list. Then my autoresponder kicks in, sending them valuable emails, building trust, helping my subscribers and eventually converting them into loyal customers. Complete automation.

Ok so it sounds easy right? But what do you actually have to do to get to this point were the subscribers start to like you, trust you and become loyal followers and customers hopefully? What kind of “value” do you have to provide your list?

Firstly I would just introduce myself and tell the who you are. What is your story? People love stories! If people are going to stick with you in the long-run and buy from you then they want to know with whom they are dealing with. They want to know your background, your pain and what you have gone through. Can they relate to you? When people can relate to your story then they are much more likely to follow you. Because if they see that you have something in common maybe, a similar background maybe and they see that you have your own online business then they are likely to believe that they can follow your path. People are always looking for leaders and people that inspire them. They search for people that they can relate to. Let’s face it you are never going to be liked by everyone – but if you do it right, tell your story, share your thoughts and introduce yourself in an honest and ethical way – chances are that you will inspire a big group of people.

You see, success online is something of a relative matter. You don’t need millions of followers. You can make a lot of money with email marketing to just a small list. If your list is responsive. If they trust you and value you. Then you only need a list of a few thousands, hundreds maybe even. A responsive list of 2000 subscribers can make you more money than you have ever dreamed of.

Start building your list today and immediately start connecting with them. Email is not just one way. Send them free gifts. You could write a short report with tips on something like “4 most important things to start your online business today” or something similar. You could write a short ebook that you give your subscribers when they optin to your list. Shoot a video where you talk about your experience so far and your story. Send them only promotions or product offers that you truly believe that can help them in their business and preferably that you have tried yourself. Don’t sell to them something that you don’t believe in yourself. They will quickly see if you are only trying to sell to them or if you are truly trying to help them with your promotions. If you do this right then an email list will be the closest to a money-printing machine you will ever have. Yes this take some initial setup investment (mostly in time). An autoresponder doesn’t cost a lot every month but is must-have tool for every internet marketer.

Too many marketers just spam their list with new offers every day. I myself have subscribed to countless email lists of marketers that don’t provide me any real value. Guess what happens. I unsubscribe. I don’t mind being sold to every once in a while, but if I’m just getting spammed with offers I leave.

I also subscribe to other marketers that inspire me and I take note of their emails. How do they write? How do they communicate with me? It’s a great way to get ideas (without copying of course) for your own list.

One website I highly recommend if you are truly interested in boosting your copy-writing skills is The Gary Halbert Letter. This guy is considered to be a kind of legend in the IM space when it comes to writing emails that sell. My coach highly recommend him to me and I have acquired some really juicy stuff examining his writing.

You have probably heard that many people make good money doing stuff that most others won’t. Well email marketing is kind of like that. Most people find it boring to write their own emails. They want to skip straight to the good stuff and just start sending affiliate offers to their list. Yes you can probably make a couple of bucks that way but your business is not going to be sustainable in the long run. Do what most people don’t want to do and you will have more money than most people. Communicate with your list. Love your list. Give value to your list. Open yourself to your list. Tell them who you are. Become personal. People love that. They want to see that your are a real living breathing person not just a yet another invisible marketer. It takes work yes, but it will pay off. I can feel the momentum building in my own business since starting to really work on my email list. It’s not going to happen overnight but it will happen. If you do the work.

Take a decision that you are going to be committed to your online business and your email marketing. Not just for the next week. For years. Maybe even the rest of your life. Admit that it’s going to take some time. But it will grow if you keep at it. One step at a time. You will be that much ahead of the guy next to you that rather wants to watch House of Cards on his sofa rather than work on his business.

To your success,

Hafsteinn Thordarson / Next Step Freedom

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